Casting A Circle

Witches, I find are very particular in the way they cast a circle. Many times making it into an art form in itself. Complex rules and rites are written into pages sometimes too numberous to memorize.  The effect can be beautiful and entricate.  The effect can be cumbersome and awkward.

Getting lost into the art of casting the circle can make us forget its intent.  And it is the “intent” that is the most important of all when creating the sacred space. There is not one right way to cast a circle; but many. Many Shamanic people only cast a single circle, by calling of quarters and invoking Mother Earth and Father Sky. Some Witches will cast the circle with their intent alone while sitting in a still place. Others, like to move three or four times round an altar.  The act of casting is not as important as the intent behind it. If your intent is to create a sacred space (to commune with the Goddess/the God) then the intent alone is sufficient. The rest (calling the quarters, lighting the candles, circling with holy water) is for your own personal comfort or the mutual comfort with others.

One aspect of creating sacred space that I have not often heard spoken, is the memory and recall of sacred spaces. Sacred Space once created by you, can be closed  again without any ceremony or ritual. This is the soulful meaning behind our words of   “and never broken.”  If the space has responded well to you, it will close willingly for you at your asking. With your mind clear and your intent set/focused then the simple act of  walking or being in the  space is enough to make it  sacred  and “closed” again.

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