Divine Humor

Divine Humor 
reveals itself in countless forms: irony, a funny moment which breaks all tension in the room, children pointing out the flaws in adults with an honest comment…the list is endless as we move through this world. And to have mirth and merriment and to see the absurd in the seriousness of oneself is Divine. It is a gift from the Gods to us mortals. If I was unable to laugh at myself and my own mistakes in this world I would miss out on a lot of belly-rolling, good for the soul laughter. And I do mean a lot! And oh yes I have examples. Once when I was a college student with a “working” scholarship, I worked in the college cafeteria. It was not my usual job but while the football players which were also on working scholarships were playing football the rest of us would fill in for them. It was a small college and everyone almost knew everyone else. And I so had the hots for our school’s living football legend. I did not know if he knew who I was but tall, dark, handsome’s name was very much apart of my daily thoughts. So, there I was serving hot meals as the football players all came in after a later practice. And tall, dark and handsome choose my serving line. He was standing right in front of me. I put on my prettiest smile and leaned in to give him his meal. And just as I looked up to him my good friend Avery Smith (also on the football team) yelled out “Awww Fields you’re sweating like a pig!” There was so much humor in that I could not help but laugh (after an hour or two). I remember laughing as I scrubbed the tables that night muttering something about humiliation and wondering when the Gods would think that I had been “served” enough.

Another time, I completely bitched out a fellow recruit and good friend for not taking our work seriously enough and for almost getting class points taken away from our team.  I did this while standing in our classroom in front of a handful of other recruits during a short break in between classes. And in perfect dramatic timing, I stomped out of the room with my best angry face.  Once outside, I realized that I had forgot something so, I turned around and went back inside. As I entered the room, my friend and other recruits stared at me wondering what I was doing back there so soon.  But I was there because I needed my  hat – it was a mandatory part of the uniform when outside. So, I slowly picked it up and everyone at once realized my mistake (having gone outside without being in proper uniform) and started laughing. By stomping out of the classroom without my hat was a far more grievous mistake than I had just bald out my friend for!  I could not help but to try to leave as quickly as I could.  My mistake was a source of great mirth. It also broke all the tension between my friend and I.  We would have needed days to mend our friendship after my pompous, self righteous lecture that I gave him. But instead, great humor and everyone was focused and back on task when class resumed.

Divine Humor is not humor that is mean spirited but  honest and helps to remind us who we are…human. It can cut like a knife sometimes, but brings us back down from our loftier selves to our human selves usually making us kinder and more forgiving in the process…more Divine

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