Daughters’ Metamorphosis into Magick

Daughters’ Metamorphosis into magick  is this weeks Pagan-Blog-Project for letter D. It could also have been titled. What happened while I wasn’t looking? thought I would be the parent of boys.  I have always liked boys and their grown counterparts.  I have done some terribly neat things for not being a cub scout.  Like creating a lean-two out of a parachute.  So, when I was a mother walking down the cereal aisle I never supposed that it would be with a dressed up princess resplendent in crown, dress and cape giving her royal nod as we went. It is nothing I expected. Surprisingly, everything I needed. Just two very fun, very sincere, little girls.  Well, I wanted to talk about them because, while I have been on my spiritual quest of trying to find out where I fit in (Druid, Shamanic, Witch, Wiccan? and wonder which Deities it is that respond best to me) it seems that my little ones have been walking their own path. I had not noticed it.  I have been too concerned with my own path to notice where they were on their path – and how much further ahead they were/are. They are little and young (8 and 5) and so, I thought I had time. But, they did something that made me readjust my thinking.  That gnawed at me long and hard.  Then a friend said something to me in passing. A casual comment, if you will.  That made me see for the first time what was growing in my home, witches. I realized that I had been in denial, even when powerful, spontaneous spell casting was happening right in front of my eyes. I guess it was the lack of mood setting equipment that threw me: no capes, no candles, no ritual tools. But little girls armed with strong intention and chanting a word. A singular word they learned from Sesame Street that morning.  They were running and marching, playing and giggling and sent out a spell. And I looked the other way. Even at the time I felt the energy that surrounded them. Even now I can feel there magick linger (months later) so, I won’t repeat their word.

We, as parents of young children, are still young (at heart) and often think we have eons to search for our path. Until we look around and realize how much responsibility we have accumulated. Have you ever asked yourself who would want you as their parent?  I forgot to ask myself that question. But who would want us as parents? Probably some magickal children in their own right. Young witches in this world that are in need of magickal guidance.  So, I realized that I am no longer just dealing with my own journey as a new found witch. But a witch in a family of witches. A coven under one roof. And that I better get my act together quickly for who is to say that I will be their leader?  By default? No, I don’t think so. For default seldom makes for good leaders.  But yes, I will be our family’s High Priestess and I will guide them just as I have in their school work and playtime and taught them how to cross the street safely.  I am very glad that my eyes have been opened.  For now, I know what path it is I am to walk is not as a solitary witch but as a witch mother and elder.

So my question to you is, who is guiding your children’s magick?  Have you thought about it yet?  Have you thought about their magickal needs?  I am sure many of you will say “Yes” to that answer.  That is a very good answer!  The next best answer is “Starting today.”

A wonderful book for little witches of all ages is A Kid’s Herb Book.  It has wonderful stories, crafts, potions and lotions.  A springboard for the imagination.  Highly recommended!


3 thoughts on “Daughters’ Metamorphosis into Magick

  1. What a beautiful post. I always wanted daughters but ended up having a very strong willed son (now 23 years old) who hasn’t been interested and even condemns my spiritual path (pagan witch) and your question about parenting and who we want to be for our children really resonates with me. I think that long ago before they were born our children chose us for whatever reason they needed to and I love that you rejoice in the role as being a mother to beautiful independent daughters.

  2. What a wonderful discovery about your daughters. Growing up pagan and having the opportunity to pass our teachings to my children was a joy and great responsibility. I loved every minute of it! You and your girls have a wonderful journey ahead of you.

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