Bath Ritual (Simple for Preteen to Adult)

 Bath Ritual is something I learned from my grandmother. She loved her baths and always made it into a time to fortify ones strength and get in touch with her inner Goddess. If she was Pagan she never shared in by word. But in her bathroom she had a picture of Pan, the Three Gracees, red flocked  wall paper and very expensive bath salts in beautiful containers. She gave me my first bottle of after bath perfume Jean Nate. Just being in this room as a child stirred a desire to want the same specialness for my own home. She died before I went into seventh grade. And too many things died with her. I remember when I first started my period later that year. My mother and father were so proud that I did not made it a big deal. When my mom told me that I thought to myself “No, that was your job.” But I never said that aloud. And it was an unmarked event. It was a nothing. And if my grandmother had been there I am certain it would have been a something. So when my daughter’s breast started their budding this year, I created a bath ritual just for her.  It is not done daily or even weekly. There is no set time for it. But we do it when she is in need of quiet Goddess time. I ready the room by making sure it is clean and put out the best towels. I pour the bath water for her. I have her make a selections of salts, herbs and sometimes flowers for her bath. She sprinkles them in. She is also given a choice of teas (herbal and children’s) to drink in a beautiful albeit plastic teacup. The atmosphere is set off with a lighted  plastic battery operated tea light.  She is also given a hand mirror “To see her Goddess” and then is left alone. She is eight. She drinks about one cup of tea and is done in about fifteen minutes. Even though it is not a long, lengthy bath she really enjoys her special time. Afterwards, she puts on body lotion and a spray of “Be Enchanted” shimmering light body perfume. I found this perfume at Body and Bathworks and bought it with bath ritual in mind. it is inexpensive, very pretty and lightly scented. Just perfect for our ritual. You may want something different oils or just rubbed fresh flowers. The point for me to get across to her is to take some time and effort for special time, magickal time with just her, herself and her Goddess.

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