Experiences of a Psychopomp

In this day and age, we have come to understand that we are all unique in our psychic abilities. Unique as fingerprints. We each have a spectrum of psychic abilities: clairaudient, telepathic, healer, etc. We have a wide range of psychic talents that are combined to make us unique tools for our creator, our master weaver.  For myself, I have found that I may be used as a psychopomp.  I visit the underworld and crossroads to lend a helping hand.

There is not a whole lot of information on the web about Psychopomps.  So, I thought I would share some of my experiences with you.  In general, my psychopomp work is done in the “twilight” time. The space of time between awake and sleep. It is the time when my Spirit Guides freely communicate with me. Time has no meaning in the twilight and so “twilight” can last a week, 20 hours, 3 days, 21 minutes. Sometimes, when I “wake up” I know that I am still at work somewhere and not quite here. Those days are very rare. But they do happen. Most psychopomp work that I do is directed or overseen directly by my Spirit Guide. And on occasion, I am asked by a person’s guide. (a person in my definition is one who is alive and kicking with a physical body). I have a trusted network so when this happens, I understand that it is with the blessing of my Spirit guides. And I go and willingly help.

Helping the living:  Once, I “woke” in a family friend’s body as she was delivering her second child. I had known her since childhood. Her parents and mine were friends. In fact, our whole families had been good friends but, I had not seen her in years. I did not know she was expecting. But there I was in her body as she was laboring. She was in mortal danger and needed assistance. Her spirit and body were badly fatigued. So, while her sprit was resting and receiving help from her guides/Gods I presided in her body. In her body, I felt the support and love from family, friends, spirits. The physical pain for her body as she delivered was somewhat mitigated. I felt pain, but somehow it was shared amongst those sprits present. I stayed in her body, until the baby was delivered and the mother had healed enough to return to her body. A few days later, I called her sister, who I had remained in  contact with. She confirmed that her younger sister had delivered a beautiful baby girl after a very difficult delivery.  And the delivery took place around the same time frame of my experience.

Helping the dead: Sometimes, in my “twilight time” I will find myself walking on a white sand beach. On the beach, there will be a beautiful, gold row boat. I get in and the boat takes off into the waters. I am wearing a cloak and holding a lantern in one hand. I help people  out of the water and onto the boat. These people are spirits who are newly dead.  Those who have died unexpectly. They do not understand what has happened. They are confused and scared. Generally, they are too upset to really listen or communicate with their Spirit Guide.  And one tool the Spirit Guides have, is to lead them to a pyschopomp. So, the Spirit Guide (in this case) will point out the “lifeboat.” The sprit feeling “lost in an ocean of the Spirit World” then sees the lantern and lifeboat. This is very welcoming! The newly departed spirit  is so relieved to find help. I help them onto the boat then place a “blanket” around the Spirit.  They are then reintroduced to their Spirit Guide who usually has a cup of something warm for them. The two of them go aft. And now calm, the newly departed Spirit and their Spirit Guides are able to communicate fully. My work done.

Please note it is the Spirit Guide that points out the help. It is the Spirit Guide which requests the help. It is the Spirit Guide that leads them to where they need to be. This has almost always been my experience. I am sure there are different roles for psychopomps as there are different responsibilities for almost any line of work.  So, this seems to be my role as a Psychopomp, to help calm the Spirit and to work with their Spirit Guide and at their request.

Please check back on this post: I will periodically add to this post  as I share more of my psychopomp experiences. I will also gladly answer any question or comment to the best of my ability. A great site for more information on Psychopomps is http://www.psychopomps.org/

2 thoughts on “Experiences of a Psychopomp

  1. Great post. I also have experience with Psychopomping, but I focus more on animals. Larissa (thebrassbell.blogspot.com) does it as a “job” on a semiregular basis, too. We’re both pretty familiar with the Underworld river system and the boat keepers.

    Fun stuff.

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