Family Fun Make Lots of Money Spell

How and why does this spell work?

This spell is a really great manifestation spell. With the use of your children, they can cut through your usual filters that block really great manifestations. They are young and do not see why what they ask for shouldn’t come to pass (double negative I know).

Can we use this spell for something other than money?

Yes! In fact, when I cast this spell with my little ones I always state that mom, dad, kids, grandparents are All Really Happy and Very Healthy. So, this is also a healing spell. But you can add any request that you wish. “Picture Mom driving a new red car that fits everyone very nicely. We are all happy and safe and singing in our new car!”

Why do you use the word “Happy” in your spell and not a specific amount of money?

Well actually, when I perform/lead the spell I always say “Really, really happy!” I do not use the amount because children often can’t conceptualize money amounts.  And I find that if I ask for a specific amount of money I am only limiting the amount of money Spirit can give me. Why do that? This way it is open to Spirit. I also state the word “really happy” for the additional reason that I don’t want the money to come from a sad event.

When is a good time to perform this spell?

Anytime the moment hits you or before a big event such as when lay-off notices will be announced at work, before a job review, before a job interview. You get the idea.

You said to perform this spell during ritual or spontaneous play?

I have only ever done this spell work as spontaneous play and have achieved great results. The most important aspect is that you “buy in” to the spell work that you and your children are creating. If that needs to be during a full moon, after casting and calling quarters then that is when you should do it. If you feel that magick can happen anytime you and yours are together then spontaneous play might work great for you. It depends on you and your family’s comfort.

Is “Gold” important to use instead of money?

I use the wording of “gold,” “gold money” and/or “gold coins.” The word “gold” is important because it helps connect your child’s request to the Divine.  It is a simple but powerful way for children to connect and also it is easy for them to visualize the gold falling into your home. At least, that has been my experience.

You said to use this spell inside your home where your family gathers. Why not do it at the park or outside in our backyard under the moon?

Because, your home is sacred to you. Your home is sacred to your children too.  It is easy to visualize gold coming to you inside your home.  The visualization of  gold coming into your home it is yours. Its home and it is safe and protected. All of this is implied. Which makes it simple for the children to visualize. It is also a very fun visualization having gold rain into your home making everyone rich and happy! Really who couldn’t picture that and want it! It puts a smile on my face just thinking about it! And one more benefit to performing this spell inside your home is that compassionate spirits are (probably) in your home. They will most likely enjoy the fun and help to “spirit” things along.

Can I download your jpeg spell?

Absolutely. Enjoy and make it your own.


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