Goulash Soup    Pagan-Blog-Project for G Week of March 30

My first experience with Goulash Soup will forever be one of my fondest memories. My family and I were visiting friends of my husband, while staying in Germany. We went to his friend’s house for dinner. And there they gathered around a small but, roaring fire. Standing in the fire was a very large, black, kettle. It was hanging on a tri-stand. It was something. I had only seen its likeness in witch crafting pictures! And inside this overly-large, kettle was a bubbling brew of Goulash soup. The aroma of beef, garlic, onions, paprika was wonderful. And for the next two hours we all drank (beer of course) and took turns tasting and adding beer and spices to the rich bubbling broth. It was a magickal night. My little, five-year old fell in love with soups that night. We had to cut her off at 3 adult-size bowls!  The only other item that was served, warm bread and butter. Here is a recipe for Goulash soup.  Enjoy! 


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