Daughter’s Spirit Guide

My totems have all been very restrained with me. One of my most long term totems is the earth worm. They speak to me of the quite toil of honest, hard work. They speak to me of volunerability; of hot bright light; of cool mother earth; of the beauty in solitude. It was never through straight out words but of a shared feeling, if you will. I have had occasional moments in my life where a Spirit Guide felt compelled to actually speak to me. But those have been rare and mighty moments. So when my  daughter’s animal guide started speaking to her, it was a little bit outside my familiarity. I was very excited for her though. It was the  Black Panther. And she showed herself to my daughter as a young, strong, beautiful Panther Spirit. My daughter is eight. She started a new school and was very apprehensive about it. So, I really liked the idea of her being “protected” by this Spirit Guide. It seemed like a very good match-up. But after several months, their relationship kinda turned. The Black Panther did not seem to satisfied with being around my daughter it sounded more and more like she wanted to reside in my daughter. She was talking to my daughter to the point of distraction. And last month, she was my daughter’s greatest concern. I decided she (my daughter’s panther guide) had worn out her welcome.  So, just after my daughter had complained of her Spirit Guide, I led my daughter outside to our ritual space. I called the elements invoked our Deities and then asked for this Black Panther Spirit to be evoked from our home and my daughter’s presence until my daughter is 18. I expressed my gratitude in having watched over my daughter but that my daughter is too young to have a Spirit Guide so expressive and not recognizing her personal space. “Thank you and begone!” I had my daughter speak the words with me. Then I requested – and received – The Grandmother of her Spirit Guide the Black Panther to come in and watch over my daughter. And I specifically stated what role I needed her to play in my daughter’s life. That she would respect my daughter’s physical space. That she would be quiet, protective and ever present.

When I perform my daily devotional, I take time out to “see” my children and husband and ask for  them to be well looked after this day. When I “look” at them I see their animal Sprit Guides with them. Black Panther always sitting in the room with my eight year old. But with lots of space. Golden Monkey and baby Dragon with my five year old flying through the air and playing. White Stag guarding my husband’s cubicle while he works away. My eight year old has not complained about this Spirit Guide. She does ask after her old one and asks why I sent her away. I tell her it was because that Spirit Guide was too young for an eight year old. But when you are 18, she will come back to you.  Then you should both be old enough to work together. I wanted to share this experience after I read I wonderful blog this morning by Icward. If you have time it is a great post on Sprit Totems.

6 thoughts on “Daughter’s Spirit Guide

  1. I am honored. This is a beautiful piece. You did well to stand up for your daughter. And I love what I read about Earthworm. We need more Earthworm totems I am thinking.

  2. I love that there is so much to learn from the smallest of creatures. Earth worms are great totems. I have bees as a totem. They have been with me for a long time, and I *adore* them. So much to learn!

  3. Once again a posting I found of interest and sincerity – totems/spirit guides being there for us when they are needed most is something I can relate to – for they see and know more than we can comprehend me Thinks

    • Thank you Elayne!
      It was at P-Con that you reminded me (with your loving wisdom) that as a guardian of my children, I can set or re-set their boundaries with Spirit Guides. I am grateful for our conversation.

      “All Hail the Mighty Earthworm!” It is hard not to giggle at that. But they are movers of mountains are they not?!

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