Guardians of my home Part 1 Stones

I have been told, on more than one occasion, that I am well protected. I have guardians in my home as well as several layers of enchantments. One of my favorite Harry Potter scenes comes in The Deathly Hallows Part 1. When Hermione Granger begins the protection enchantments during their hide out in the woods. I love protection spells and enlisting the help of other spirits. The more the merrier! when it comes to home protection.

Rocks and Stones. This has always been my personal nod to the Goddess Hestia. Well, what on earth does stones and a Fire Spirit have in common you might be wondering. Well, I have always loved the ancient Greek tradition of the daughter taking a torch from her mother’s hearth fire (which is Hestia) and carrying it over to start her new home’s hearth fire. The symbolic gesture is so very beautiful. And while I never grew up with a continuous fire of Hestia in our home’s hearth, I did grow up knowing love and protection. I wanted the same love I felt from my family’s home, to be shared in my new home. So, I began my own tradition. I walk around my parent’s property to find four stones. These four stones will be in charge of guarding my home. I have always felt (rarely heard) the spirits of stones, trees, animals an inanimate objects. So, I communicate my request for stones that would like to come with me to protect my home, my hearth. Then I walk around until I find my happy volunteers.

When at my new home, I walk around my home either one of two ways. First way: Walk clockwise once per each stone/for each stone. Asking them to help watch over my home.  Please to allow no one wishing harm to enter in. Thanking each stone individually as I lay them down. One for each direction or one for each corner of my property. I kiss each stone and hold them to my heart charka as I walk and place them. Second way: Place them first and then walk around asking and thanking them for three times around your property.

I do this when I leave one permanent home to the next, taking my stones with me. I also “refresh” this enchantment. I never move my stones until I am ready to leave my home for a new residence. But I will do a refresher when I feel the need. These refreshers have included the sprinkling of Salt, Rosemary, fallen Oak twigs used as spikes, and a number of other helpful friends. If I feel the need to “refresh” I actually am just adding an additional layer of enchantment over the existing. When casting my enchantments: 1. I never use a scripted recitation of my spells.  2. I enter a slightly altered mind/space. That way my spells are always varied enough to overlap and varied enough to ask address my specific concern.

I do not usually do this on a specific date, such as, Full moon, Mid-summer’s day. I do this protection enchantment when I feel there is a need for one. Sometimes, when I decide a “refresher” is needed it does happen to be on a stronger magick day and that is fine too.

This is strong magick. One reason it is strong is because, you are not using your magick alone but are requesting guardian spirits to help. Guardian Spirits, when they volunteer, know that their work is important. It is something they look forward to doing with you. They also are not working alone either. They work with their own set of spirit friends which often times includes your family ancestors, their family ancestors or ancestors which have lived on the land before you. ANd their network is not just limited to ancestor spirits either. Can you see with the overlapping Spirits wanting to take care of your hearth how protected you may be? How then do I get them to want to work for me? 1. By being respectful to them. 2. Always asking if they want to come with me 3. Setting a clear intent of “protecting my home” before I ever start looking for a guardian stone, herb, object 4. By acknowledging, expecting and having faith that they will guard me well.

It is important that you do not forget that you have an enchanted home. If someone is slated to be at your home for…lets say an electrical appointment. And they can not find your home, even after spending five minutes driving up and down your street. Then remember, that “people wanting to cause you harm” are not suppose to find your home!!! Don’t go standing in front of your house and say “here we are!” Instead, cancel your appointment and find a different vendor. Same should go for first dates, new real estate agents, etc.

Happy Guarding!



One thought on “Guardians of my home Part 1 Stones

  1. Very nice post. I have my grandma’s huge chunk of Obsidian that sits by the front door, a single stone to your four. I also journeyed in quest of guardians to protect my home and had four Celtic Warriors volunteer. I leave whiskey out for them as an offering for doing such a fantastic job. My home too, is well guarded.

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