Guardians of my Home Part II: Plants with Thorns

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Guardians of my Home Part II: Plants with Thorns. This was not what I had in mind for part II but as we know things change. And as I was cleaning out my dog’s run of budding thistles last weekend, it came to mind that these guys really need an appreciated word or two. And on that note, plants do not want their hard work and effort in guarding your home to be unsung. From towering cactuses, prickly blackberry bushes, the sweet smell of rose vines to angry looking thistles, they were created to protect. Yes, they guard their precious fruit, flowers and berries with unpaired relish (well, if you ask me). It seems to me, no matter how sweetly I ask the thistles to be nice before I trim them back, they lash out and bloody me. I will wear long sleeves. I will have the toughest gloves. I will take great care and caution. Yet, every single time I trim, I get cut and attacked. They want to cause injury to those meaning them harm. They were created to protect. Want to protect and have a super-warrior, ninja approach to guarding theirs. And they grow fast. Where plain dirt is one day, a field of thistle giants in the next. It is easy to think of the fair tales of enchanted homes and castles being enshrouded with blackberry vines or roses. Or in our own American folk tales of Briar Rabbit running to safety in their prickly arms.

So, you can see how beneficial it would be to have them working on your side! Thorned-ones placed in front of fence lines, or behind. Spiked-plants planted in front of windows. They can easily make a would be burglar look for easier targets.

You can invite and sing to guardian plants to protect your home, as well as their possessions. They are very vain! They long for beautiful compliments. There are many different kinds to choose from. Some have great tasting fruit or smell. Some are just gorgeous in their thorniness. But pleaserRemember them as guardians of your home and hearth. They do work very hard.


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