Guardians of my Home Part III: Dogs

Dogs? Did you just say dogs? Do you not have a cat? Well, yes as a matter of fact I have 2 wonderful Maine Coons. A mother and a daughter. And I will share more on them later. But much has been written on cats (Cats, Felines, Familiars, Dillon) for the Pagan-Blog-Project: Feline Meditation, Andresta’s Feline Bespectacled Familiar, Elayne Lockhart, Delphinian Cat to list a small sampling for you. But not so much about our faithful canines. While cats have protected my home spiritually. Dogs have protected my physical body and the physical space of my home. Their voices bark out into the night at unfamiliar sounds getting too close to our gate. Understanding what is theirs to protect, dogs will guard it with body, thought and voice.

We had a wonderful Shepard mix growing up, Goldie. She was calm and good and always right where you needed her. She was always on alert. And kept us feeling safe and secure at night. And during the day always a playful companion. She gave my dad a better feeling about leaving us to go away for three weeks to a work related training school. I know that she was a dog but growing up she I never thought of her that way. She was my good friend. She died when I was in college and I had grown up with her for 15 years.

She came back to me many states away and a few years in between. I had asked for her to come back. I had missed her very much. But you never know if a Spirit is willing or wanting to come back. But I missed her very much. And one day I was shopping for a musical instrument. I happened to look into the window of a pet store and saw her! My dog! I was so mad. Very, very mad! Why was my dog in a pet store!  My heart leapt out in dismay…OK. Well, yes she was reincarnated into a young puppy. And yes, it was the place I so happened to be…I bought her on the spot, had to change residences to keep her… She was a feistier version of Goldie. And for a new set of 15 years, my best friend was along side me again. I felt so privileged that out of all the family members we had she choose to be mine again!!

Later when she was about two, I lived on land with a lot of property and the backside of it touched a national forrest. I was living by myself and in my early twenties. If she was outside and I happened to be inside she would be directly outside the very room I was in. Just in front of my bedroom window, or my living room window. Even in the middle of the night or when she was looking sound asleep, if I moved she moved.  She was always just right there. If the doorbell rang, I would answer the door with her at my right side. I would hold her collar and she would jump up and down. No would-be theft ever got the opportunity to see past me into my home with her jumping up and down beside me. She was a dog’s dog. Sleek with high flat stomach. A huntress. A protectress in the night. A great friend in the day. And her whole life’s work was to keep me and my home from harm. And I moved through my days knowing with certainty she would do everything in her power to assure my safety.

She left several years ago now. Lately, I have been feeling her presence beside me. I know that ever today with the distance of the veil she is not far away. And if ever I am in dire need of her she will manifest for me. It is a knowing and a certainty, from one soul to another.

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