Kreativ Blogger Award

Wow! I am so honored to be nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award! I was nominated by Celtic Witch at Sacred Journey and All That Is Alive an herbal blog site! I am humbled that such a wonderful writer that I follow would think of me in this regard. Thank you very much!

As per the rules for acceptance of this award I’m now going to reveal 7 things about me :

1. Left-handed Gemini, born with a large cat-paw birthmark. As I child, this was how I most identified myself most as an individual.

2. Weird attraction to Rosemary. On any walk, I will pinch here and there from the neighborhood. Sprinkle it on the tops of my children’s head in strollers or my dog’s shoulder blades. For the longest time, I did not know why I did this. Now, I know, it was just instincts of protecting my children an family pets. The same as knocking on wood or throwing salt over your left shoulder or a quick prayer. And after learning some of the many uses for Rosemary, I pinch even more of it. But, I do have standing order of permission granted by the owners of the big bushes on the corner. My daughter continually asks why we don’t just grow our own? And Indeed!  I am rather fond of that particular bush and would be sad not to have a reason to visit it.

3. Wanted to name my daughter “Blue Bird’s of Spring Sing Songs of Morning” but gave her a traditional name instead.

4. Love tea parties and have way too many beautiful tea cups. Favorite tea depends on my mood. Early Grey, Champagne Rose, Oolong Jasmine are always high on my list.

5. Seven Uh? ….. Love HBO’s game of Thrones and True Blood. Always very excited when Sunday Nights roll around

6. I have served my country as a military Pilot. Someday will be piloting again but, only after my daughters are grown.

7. Have a difficult time putting down a good book. I will read until early in the morning trying to get in just one more page.

And here are those I nominate for this prestigious award (wish it could be more!):

Forest Fairy Crafts

Elayne Lockhart


One Witch’s Way

Pagan Dad


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