In between Time


When I stand in my Sacred Garden, and in my Sacred Space. I am called there in the day time. I am called there in the bareness of my feet, and arms and body. I am called there and feel the warm sun falling onto me. I am called there to look deep into nothingness. The fence 2 feet in front of me disappears. The redbrick of the house’s fireplace disappears too. The sounds of the hummingbirds and songbird and the Caw of the crow however all change to forests sounds. My small, tiny pond enlarges to become a great pond. And my toes are made wet from the closeness. I see and hear the forrest surround me. Feel the coolness of the woods and smell the wetness of the soil. Knowing that living things are surrounding me, knowing too that I am in another time and another place. I can’t explain it more than that. Simply put I am standing in another time and another place. At times I feel I must look or appear like a holograph or shimmering. I can not tell you how long I am there for. But soon after I know that I am there because I have been called upon. Or rather Goddess Nemain has been called upon.While standing there/rooted there, by the pond in the Sacred Space of unknown time and place,  there are those that come before me always with the same request. “I am seeking shelter for me and my family.” Or “I am seeking safety for my small village. There are those who wish to harm us and we are seeking protection.” My voice answers in reply, “Yes. I have seen into your heart you will be protected in my meadow. Be sure to stay within the circle of trees of no harm will pass.” And then slowly my redbrick fireplace comes back into notice and the fence replaces the forrest in front of me. My toes are no longer wet from the large pond but tingle slightly.

I should take that back it was not always with the same request that people (almost always men) would ask. Now it is always for shelter and protection. But in March it was for honor in battle or protection in battle.

In this world and in this time I created this space for myself at Imbolc. So all of the other time and world experience as Goddess Nemain is new but becoming routine. I allow the Goddess Nemain into my being. She has always come to me in Sacred places. Usually at any Denominational church service/ritual service. I feel her smile and her encouragement for the speaker emanating through me. But back then I thought it was just me. I had no idea that I was inviting a Deity into my body. But she has always been with me as now I can feel the difference between the two of us. She has/or I have set limitations. it seems to me that these limitations were pre-agreed upon before this incarnation.  Because she has always emanated through me at Holy, Spiritual places.

So, in my Sacred Space, my Sacred Garden it is not a space to worship her per say. It is a space to worship the Sun God Belatucadros through her beauty of green things that grow. In seeking the God the Goddess comes to me.  And those that also seek him or her protection in the forest, in some other time and in some other place find it.

When my “In Between Time” experiences/sessions are done. I give  thanks. Long, soulful thanks. I don’t understand how time and the veil work but I enjoy the experience and the mystery. And leave my devotional time feeling more connected with our universe.

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