Ideology, Mine

Since the Pagan Blog Project has two “i”s in it, I thought it was time I wrote out my Ideology. I am sharing it on this blog but this is really a very personal statement here that I am making and declaring for myself. Since I have discovered my wytch-soul I have not written out what it means to me.

1. I believe that all things come from energy source. Everything. All forms of matter (hatred, love, hair, essence, money, beings, paper, time, Gods and  Goddesses, worlds)

2. I believe that all matter can be influenced by thought, intent. Whether the outcome is as I want it to be involves A. The soul’s level of belief that the change can occur. B. When in conflict with other spirits whoever has more focused intent.

3. All Spellwork (including but not limited to prayer, meditation, daydreaming, ritual casting) must be “bought into” to work. You/I must buy into the outcome for the outcome to exist. If for example, you have a 12 step complicated spell and you do all 12 except that step 2 stated during a full moon. And you performed this spell leading up to the full moon. Then this spell will work if you believe it to be a full enough moon for this spell. But it will not work if you decide the moon was not full enough and that it needed to be exactly at the full moon for the spell to take hold.

“There is no special ingredient” it is just the “belief” that it is special.

The most powerful of spells requires no canting or ritual work. Instead it is the connection the soul creates with the universe with absolute intent and belief. My father who holds no belief in witchcraft placed upon me the most powerful spell/enchantment that I have known. Before I went off to the Navy. He came out to the garage where I was. He knew I was alone. And he held me with both hands tightly one hand on each of my shoulders. He looked me in the eyes and with all the energy he could call forth he stated “You will come home alive. Do you hear me? You will come home alive.” This enchantment rang through me as nothing else has ever done. And too many years later I hear it clearly and deeply. He did not scream it. But it came from a deep, deep, core and echoed in the energy around me still.

Also see Elayne Lockhart blog on curses to read more about this type of deep magick.

4. I believe there is more power given to the gods/goddesses as more belief is given to them.

5. I believe in multiple realities. The difference in the sane and insane is knowing which reality you are in.

6. I believe a soul will live where a soul can live.

7. I believe the judgement I make (or you) make on others will be used as your own measure of worth in the end.

8. I absolutely believe in Magick.

9. I believe in reincarnation. I believe it to be an option not a requirement. I believe the journey from death to reincarnation can be difficult. I believe the intent and thought process of one during death makes all the difference on how easy or difficult the journey will be.


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