Jumping into pond scum

I started my sacred space at Imbloc. And it is a space created for the green of springtime. I did not so much design it or decide what it was to be for as it dictated to me. I was to have a water feature. I had the perfect thing. My grandmothers planter. It was white and circular. It took up just the right amount of space too. It set it off very nicely. I added a fairly large crystal at the bottom of the planter sealing it with wax. And then after the space was dedicated I began to add water. At every devotional I added water. ImageAnd the spring rains added water as well. Soon it was brimming with water. I enjoyed this ritual of mine very much. In an altered state this water was very much the center focal point of my devotional journey. And slowly it became green, like I knew it would.

I wanted to clean it. Spirit wanted me to embrace it! Really? Green slime? But I understood somehow with planted was to turn into a pond. A pond with plants and fish and tadpoles – just as it already was in the spirit world. OK. So, then I got some tadpoles.

I am enjoying the movement and growth of the tadpoles. I wonder in amazement that pond scum is all that they eat. I am really learning the role of color green in a way I never expected.


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