J.K. Rowling


J. K. Rowling is a hero of mine. And this is for many reasons. Firstly, for being a wonderful example of magick making. Poor and feeling isolated from the world, she began writing the now incredibly famous books about Harry Potter. Isn’t it funny how she wrote (dreamt and thought constantly) about someone who was poor and lonely that actually turned out to be rich and famous? Well, I wouldn’t call that funny I would call that magick, manifestation, dreamwork.

J.K. Rowling has given us a modern day vocabulary for wands, tree lore, myths, magick, dark arts, the mysterious and most powerful magick of love, ghosts, spirits, room of requirement, spells, charms…on and on. She is not alone as an author of witchcraft fictional writing but she has given us a common ground in a way no one else has done in this generation.

She created a silly sport with brooms in her books and it becomes a college phenomena. Here is the link to the 20 minute Semi-final Quidditch Match of Middlebury vs. Texas A&M http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qN2WgcV2Le4&feature=related and I can’t stop thinking how great it will be once we get streamline hovercrafts to take the place of common brooms.

It is difficult to say what is my favorite thing to have materialized out of the Harry Potter books. The hours of entertainment and imaginative daydreams from the movies and the books is a big one. Bertie Botts every flavored beans is another. But perhaps my favorite is the wand lore and tree lore that is tied into it. Before Harry Potter it was almost impossible to go shopping for a wood wand. The wands in existence were metal with gemstones or a long, smooth stone. These are beautiful and important tools. But for people who are really drawn to the spirit of trees it just was not quite the right tool. Now we have fabulous wood wand makers. It is not to say that there were none before but now certainly the demand and understanding of their existence has increased so much. Here are some of my favorite wood wand making sites:

http://www.bardwood.com/wands.htm This site also has a wonderful link to Tree Lore. All wands are hand created in his since of the Bardic/Druid fashion.

WizArt https://www.facebook.com/pages/WizArt-Studio/155400441188283 or WizArt she does amazing Druid/Celtic artwork that is not limited to wands.

Mc Taggert’s Woods traditional looking turned wands

I have created a page of wand makers I enjoy viewing. Please see my Wood Wand Makers List. And please feel free to share your favorite wand maker!


4 thoughts on “J.K. Rowling

  1. I love JK Rowling too! I grew up reading Harry Potter and was very upset when I didn’t get my letter to Hogwarts! I think she managed to increase the interest in magic and the supernatural more than any other story of the 90s-00s. I’ll admit my love of everything magic started with Disney and grew with Sabrina the Teenage Witch but it exploded with Harry Potter. I actually just found an AWESOME picture that helps explain some of the reasons that Harry Potter characters are awesome based off the lessons we learn from them (http://witchybookworm.blogspot.com/2012/05/harry-potter-love.html) I don’t know if you’ve seen it before but it is worth checking out.

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