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A Mother’s Magick

Mother’s have many types of magick they perform daily. Especially healing. Today I want to talk about “Reframing Magick.” Reframing can be used to heal – often is used to heal. But it can be used in a number of other ways as well. Just this past week, I called my mom to tell her a concern of mine. That I had psoriasis on my elbow. And over the phone she said, “No, you don’t.  You have dry skin.” And as soon as I heard the words, I knew that if I had had psoriasis I didn’t anymore. I knew it was now and had always been “dry skin.” My mother used her own form of magick to reframe my world view, specifically the skin of my elbow. Some might say this is just a form of denial, silliness or quackery. What it is is buying into another’s world view. Intention is followed by manifestation and those that are connected to the universe these changes (manifestations) can take place instantaneously.  Whether it was a skin disease or a rash or anything else is, no longer.  It is now and always was dry skin. It is belief and our intent and trust in the existence of our belief that makes our world.


Mosquito Larvae

My goldfish love mosquito larvae. And quite honestly that was what I had hoped when I bought him. I bought him for our outdoor pond. I bought him for our outdoor pond because, the tadpoles were not eating the mosquito larvae. The tadpoles were only eating the green algae. Which I thought was very nice of them but apparently they did not (yet) eat the larvae. So, in goes the goldfish and within two days, maybe three all the larvae were gone and I had one happy little fish. All was well. Then one day, a few weeks later, I saw a tadpole sucking at the side of my goldfish. So, I called a two different fish specialty stores and got the same answer. “Not good, Tadpoles trying to either suck off the algae from the fish or eat the fish. Best to move the fish.” Dang. So, now I have a lovely indoor fish aquarium with a beautiful goldfish. And a small pond with tadpoles and more mosquito larvae than ever. So, I go out there every day, several times a day to net the mosquito larvae and give them to my goldfish; which he gobbles up like potato chips! And every time I go out there, I am amazed at the life force of our more tiny creatures. When I walk up to the pond they are all floating at the top. They need to breathe air. So, part of their body is out of the water as they float. Then the larvae, feeling the tadpoles run around, sense a danger. And they actually dive to the bottom of the pond and then stop moving. And my attempts at netting them  becomes a fair fight. And I am happy to reminded daily that even our smallest of creatures on this amazing planet want to live. Fight and struggle to live. They, that have the shortest of seasons, want to be present for their moment. And I stand amazed and think if a larvae has that capability how great is ours. 


KISMET, a predetermined course of events, destiny if you will. In China, they speak of the red thread that bind two people together. It may twist, wrap, pull but never break. Leading, moving pulling two people together to meet, to walk a path together for what ever distance they are to walk.

I think we each have our own fields of gravity. A karmic, kismetic gravity that pulls people (or events) in that are more inclined to be pulled in. The gravity would be specific for each individual depending on many, many things; life times crossed, similar life lessons, genetic similarity, promises made before coming into this existence,…

But whether we end up just bumping into each other or walking hand in hand for the completion of our lifetime, I believe is open. Open for our minds and souls to change. I think the most well laid out plan here or pre-here is always open for change. And I also think that some people (or events) in our lives – be it for good or for non-good, our orbit and theirs just has too strong of pull, too many layers of gravitation force to avoid.

When I think of Kismet, I think mostly of my daughters. Born to a different family, culture, country, continent.  Yet, inexplicably mine. Mine to raise, to love, to advocate for, to dream about and eventually, to see on their way. If it was a red thread, I am so, very grateful for the seamstress!