KISMET, a predetermined course of events, destiny if you will. In China, they speak of the red thread that bind two people together. It may twist, wrap, pull but never break. Leading, moving pulling two people together to meet, to walk a path together for what ever distance they are to walk.

I think we each have our own fields of gravity. A karmic, kismetic gravity that pulls people (or events) in that are more inclined to be pulled in. The gravity would be specific for each individual depending on many, many things; life times crossed, similar life lessons, genetic similarity, promises made before coming into this existence,…

But whether we end up just bumping into each other or walking hand in hand for the completion of our lifetime, I believe is open. Open for our minds and souls to change. I think the most well laid out plan here or pre-here is always open for change. And I also think that some people (or events) in our lives – be it for good or for non-good, our orbit and theirs just has too strong of pull, too many layers of gravitation force to avoid.

When I think of Kismet, I think mostly of my daughters. Born to a different family, culture, country, continent.  Yet, inexplicably mine. Mine to raise, to love, to advocate for, to dream about and eventually, to see on their way. If it was a red thread, I am so, very grateful for the seamstress!


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