A Mother’s Magick

Mother’s have many types of magick they perform daily. Especially healing. Today I want to talk about “Reframing Magick.” Reframing can be used to heal – often is used to heal. But it can be used in a number of other ways as well. Just this past week, I called my mom to tell her a concern of mine. That I had psoriasis on my elbow. And over the phone she said, “No, you don’t.  You have dry skin.” And as soon as I heard the words, I knew that if I had had psoriasis I didn’t anymore. I knew it was now and had always been “dry skin.” My mother used her own form of magick to reframe my world view, specifically the skin of my elbow. Some might say this is just a form of denial, silliness or quackery. What it is is buying into another’s world view. Intention is followed by manifestation and those that are connected to the universe these changes (manifestations) can take place instantaneously.  Whether it was a skin disease or a rash or anything else is, no longer.  It is now and always was dry skin. It is belief and our intent and trust in the existence of our belief that makes our world.

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