Fabulous Blog Ribbon

Fabulous Blog Ribbon Thank you A Sacred Journey for nominating my blog-site. It is nice to know that someone feels your words have value. The rules to accept this nomination are:

  • Thank the blogger who gave it to you and share the link back to the awarding blog.
  • Name five (5) fabulous moments in your life.
  • Name five (5) things that you love.
  • Name five (5) thinks that you hate.
  • Pass the award onto five (5) deserving blogs/bloggers.

Fabulous moments: 1. My Wedding. 2. Holding my daughters for the first time and every time. 3. Walking on the Kona Coast at Sunrise. 4. Walking on the Kona coast at Sunset. 5. Earning my wings.

I hate: Nothing. I strongly dislike: 1. highlighting evil in the news and social media. 2. famine. 3. unsafe drinking water. 4. The lessor evil. 5. intolerance.

I love: 1. My family. 2. The sun waking me. 3. The moon on my pillow. 4. Mine and His. 5. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

I nominate:

Spider Goddess http://spidergoddess.wordpress.com/

Sarah Lawless http://witchofforestgrove.com/

Elayne Lockhart http://elaynelockhart.blogspot.com/


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