Petey and Pets returning to the family

I am not alone in thinking that pets come time and again into the same families. Guardians of clans or Ancestors of the people they take care of and are watchful over. I do not believe all pets are ancestors or guardians but I do believe that some of our ancestors choose to protect us as animals. And our family happens to have more than one. Which I guess if you are born into have family of magick it is probably quite common.

Petey was and is my wonderful little beagle. But for a beagle he was not so very little. In fact, he was one of the largest beagles a beagle can be without being a harrier or some other breed. So, I named him after Peter The Great. When I would walk him, especially when he was young, many people would come up to us and tell us how they had once had a beagle but he ran away or was driven over while still young.  When my grandfather saw him his eyes lit up and said that he had once owned a beagle by the name Pedro (Peter in spanish-my grandfather being Spanish). I asked my grandfather how long his beagle lived. He said 8 years. I asked if he ran away. He said no, his father shot him for getting into the chicken cages once to many times. But it turned out I never should have worried about my Petey’s longevity as he was just shy of 17 years when I put  him down. It was a hard decision to make. But when I made it I felt that I planned it out well. He was always well taken care of but that last week no king’s hound had better treatment. We walked him at beautiful parks. I would take him upstairs to my daughter’s room and pet him while I shared stories of his bravery, of how well he handled going blind (a regular Mr. Magoo!). How he once ate the dish of food while two other dogs were fighting eachother over it. How he saved our kitten from the jaws for our german shepard – the only time he ever stood up to her. How we would miss him. And then the next morning after a nice time at the school park we went to the vets and I held him while he was put down. Not easy. Only sad. And he has never been forgotten.

Years later I had a meeting with Petey in my Dreamtime. I was standing in the living room and moved the curtain from the wall and their he was! And all excited to see me! And he told me through pictures in my head all about his long journey to come back to me. How very difficult it had been but he was here and we were together again! It was a wonderful dreamtime experience. And when I woke up I did not think about a dog at all I was thinking about our cat. We were going to pick up our kitten in two weeks from the breeder. But I was very anxious. I needed to get my cat today. Anytime I pushed the thought out it came back. I thought about calling the breeder who lived 2 hours away. But she was not in town. I was so very anxious. So, I did what I could do, I took my daughter for a special day (school started that Monday and it was Saturday). We went to the pet store to get something for the new kitten. And that was when I saw him. I stood there and across the room was my friend , in a cage, as a siamese kitten. I saw him and knew him way before we crossed that room. The man sitting next to his foundling told me that this kitten does not like people. I told him it would be OK. He told me this kitten was a feral kitten that has only known the wild and his car (he kept him in his car because he was too wild to bring into the house) and he would not be good with children. I told him it would be OK. And then he handed him to me and after a short while I handed him to my daughter and then we took him home. We did not name him Petey, We named him Hansom Jo-Jo. And later my mother told me “Oh we once had a cat named Jo-Jo.”

We did get the other kitten too. And they had a fun time growing up together. The other kitten as far I feel is not an ancestor spirit. But rather an Owl. I will save that story for another time perhaps.


2 thoughts on “Petey and Pets returning to the family

    • Thank you! I look forward to reading your post! You have a wonderful site that I can easily get lost in! Normally, I would say blessings but in this case I will say Merde!

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