Queasy feeling about going back to school before labor day weekend

I really do not understand why I feel this way. Unlike many people who grew-up in a small town or the mid-west where Labor Day parades and faires are a much-loved event. I grew-up doing basic boring things on Labor Day weekend wondering why there couldn’t be anything else on TV other than Jerry Lewis. Later, when we had a cabin, we would spend every long weekend there – in the woods. But school always started after Labor Day. And now for my kids it doesn’t. For a little relative of mine who is in an L.A. public school it starts the first weekend of August and even then his school day begins at 7:40am. Our kindergarteners here in California have a full day until two o’clock. They get no naps. In fact, the curriculum will tell you it is not kindergarten but first grade. It is not an introduction to class mates and school but to reading and writing and math. Oh, but I am digressing. I can understand that taking almost three months off for a vacation most likely is not in the best interest of  most students. I can rationalize and understand why school should (and does here) start before Labor Day. But every year when it does I just get mad and queasy to my stomach. No reason. I don’t even think it is about the tradition of it. Our family breaks all kinds of traditions without feeling “queasy.” It is not some pagan holiday celebration that my soul feels should be celebrated. But every year, I want to pull my kids from school and scream “get your hands off them until after Labor Day!” Anyone out there feel the same way? Or not? would love to hear about it either way.


2 thoughts on “Queasy feeling about going back to school before labor day weekend

  1. I don’t have kids but I am a professor and I hate when school starts before Labor Day. In my district school always starts the week before and I so wish we could start after Labor Day. That just seems like the logical time to start. And, by always starting the week before Labor Day it makes it very difficult for me to go to Burning Man 🙂

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