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Long before I knew I was a witch, I was just a girl dating and falling in love like everyone else. I did not get married until I was in my mid-thirties so I ended up dating and having more than a few relationships. My heart usuallyfound a safe man to nestle into. And although, I had my fair share of heartbreaks and such I never fell for anyone who I can say really did me wrong…except…”Mr. Jerk-Face-Pompus-Ass”.  At lease, I will call him that. I had just left a very grueling military program. A program that many people did not endure. I had lost my girly figure and much of what I prided my femininity on. But what I lost even more was my self-confidence. It was then, at my lowest point of self-esteem that I was wooed by “Mr. Jerk-Face-Pompus-Ass”.

As our military training was due to start back up, we were going to move in together. We had been together for months at this point. And even though there were many warning signs about his character including the very emotional aspect of it; I was able to ignore them all and looked forward to playing house with him. I had been apartment hunting and we were talking daily about what we could afford and how close to work we wanted to be. We had been apart for about three weeks. I was so excited to  have him with me again. And because he was scheduled to follow me out for the same military station/location that I was serving, it really could not be more convenient either. We were going to live together and study together while we went through the same program. How cool and fun that was going to be!

Finally the last night night before he was to leave to drive out came. Only I had not been able to get in touch with him the night before.  It was a big night out on the town with his brother and him and then he called. It the night before I had my first round of exams, and he dumped me.  In a spectacular fashion!  Not only did he find someone new, since the night before. Let me say that again, in the one day that I had last spoke with him. He met and replaced me with a new girlfriend. And even offered for me to “talk” with her if I had any questions. And now he and his wonderful new girlfriend, that was so much better than me, were driving out together and would set up home together. She was a airline steward and could jet set anywhere she wanted. And she wanted to be with him.

The next day a very emotional me, failed my tests.

I did get myself pulled back together but not easily. I was able to take a verbal make-up and passed. And then put myself back together slowly, and refocus.

And looking back now, years later, I know it was absolutely in my best interest not to have that relationship last.  In fact, had it lasted, I could have easily been swept up in his drama and have not made it through the rest of that rigorous program. But at the time you are living through such an emotional crisis you don’t see it that way at all. It was a very difficult time for me.

But where does the “Vengeance” come in? What horrible spell did I cast on him? As I said before, I did not know I was a witch at the time. But now that I have the awareness that I am, I must of uttered something or asked the Gods to “put things right”. Because very shortly afterward, he was forced out of the program on a very minor medical condition. The government forced him out due to allergies.   And what became of his relationship with his wonderful woman who he left me for? She ended up taking him for $20,000 dollars. That’s right, from the start of their relationship she had only one thing on her mind. She had set up her own credit card accounts under his name, and when she had racked it all in, she never saw to him again – at least to my knowledge. Oh, and also gave him an STD.

He was the only person to have really “wronged” me…funny thing that he is the only ex-boyfriend that was ever so “unlucky” too. All the ex-boyfriends that are still my friends have always had great “luck.” Enough so as to cause a witch to take pause and thank her Gods and her lucky stars! …..But in writing this blog I do now remember my prayer every night that I spoke as a child and as an adult. Until my early thirties. I stopped this prayer while in my thirties in thinking it was a bit too self-centrix. And so I have not said it since then. And have thought very little about it too. It was forgotten until just now. But now because of this reflection/blog, I will be starting it back up again. here is the prayer: Oh and when I did this prayer I never thought it as a mirroring/protection devise or spell. In fact I am at times very naive and I only thought it was to give my friends that loved me love back….Interesting… I only ever thought it as just nice prayer that made me feel good. It was an ancestral prayer.  This is not the exact wording but it is the best as I can remember:

“Please dear (name your ancestors here) that watch over me,

Please look after me and my family and those that love me and wish me well,

And those that think of me, please give them double what they wish for me,

Please look after (put in names here) and keep them safe,

Thank you, I miss you, good night”


Utter Blasphemy Blowing Out A Candle!

Once again I was told we should not blow out the candle. But why? It is actually a very fun thing to do. We do it on birthday cakes and at parties. We even get to make a wish first! So why then is it considered socially unacceptable by Wiccan and traditional crafters’ terms to blow out the candle? Some would even be wiling to refer to it as blasphemous.

So, I tried to do some research on this. If others of you have done research I would love for you to share your findings. But it seems pretty persuasive that the “birthday cake” is gifted to us from a tradition from the Greek’s in celebration to the moon Goddess Artemis. The cake would be round in her full glory and lit candles to emulate her shiny appearance. Wishes would be made and then blown out so that they could be carried aloft to the heavens to reach her. This would take place on May 24th her birthday. Many Greeks today will still offer their blessing and good wishes by spitting on a bride’s gown as she walks down the aisle. It could very well be because spit has water and salt much like the ocean and be it of good intent could easily seen as heartfelt blessing. Greece is surrounded by wind and sea and this could understandably help form their traditions and customs.

So, if pre-christian Greek Pagans thought that to blow out a candle was to aloft your wishes, intentions and thoughts to the heavens; why is it that neo-pagans think it is just the opposite? I have heard some say that to blow out a candle is to extinguish one’s soul or the soul of a spirit. But I found that cited as a Jewish belief on the site

Other spiritual reasons I have heard are: 

That it is always best to let the candle with its intention burn out by itself.  I can easily understand this reason and am apt to agree.  I myself enjoy watching the candle flicker and burn out on its own. Feel and see the intentions of the candle or the nights magick transform from one form to the next. But we are not always able to let a candle burn out on its own.

That you will insult the fire element Well why? Why is it insulting? To extinguish one element with another perhaps? But if I was a fire element and had my choice of being extinguished by an over indulges of what I eat  (air) or by being deprived of it by suffocation I would gladly desire the overindulgence.  And then with the mixture of fire, wax, spit and air you have the embodiment of the four elements. How can that possibly be wrong?

 That if you blow out the candle the fire spirit will not have the opportunity to learn what it is that it is suppose to learn.   Ummm.  A friend of mine that I have immense respect for offered this reason up. And I had to give it a good deal of thought and meditated on it as well.  I decided that the best way to address this would be to address it as a statement of “intent” a candle wick lives longer than a lit match. If you light the candle with the “intent” that the flame only be devoured for the length of the spell, the ritual, an hour, etc. Then the fire element would have learned its “intended” lesson which it way created for.

That to blow out a candle is simply messy and smelly, wax will drip and the smell will rise. True enough. But to that I would say magick should have an element of mess and smell.

My Opinion:

 What feels right to you? Because for me to blow out a candle when its requested job is complete is joyful. A joyful experience. It is a wish fulfilled. It is filled with a small thrill of magick and energy, a crackling if you will. While for me, to snuff it out seems empty, a “goodbye” not said,  an opportunity lost. In fact, to deprive a flame its breath seems quite oppressive to me.  I think if I was a fire element to be oppressed like that I would feel violated And funny too the words which are used. “Snuffed” and “extinguished” are words which also have meanings of death or murder. Where as “blown away” is used for being very much alive and in the middle of an amazing moment.

Creation Magick: Blowing out a candle also feels very similar to manifestation magick to me. You have all the elements, Witch’s breath, Witch’s spit, Witch’s intent, all the elements Fire, Water, Earth (from the tallow) and Air and mixed in with a attitude of fun, mischief or reverence. And then the smoke lofts up to the heavens, magick. A spell upon a spell, magick overlapping magick, a perfect ending to a ritual, feast, gathering.

Speculation: I think that blowing out a candle is a purely magickal experience. That the absolute persistence that our culture and the christian culture and the jewish culture have against blowing out a candle is the give away. I think that it was assumed one was doing magick if they were blowing out the candles. And it went deep into hiding except for once a year when you would get to have your birthday “wish.”


Additional Reference material. Religious sects instructions but none state their reasoning:




Using a Wand

In the 1980’s and 1990’s wands were typically used as natural tools to focus energy, light. Usually made from a combinations of stones and crystals. Sometimes welded together with silver or a common base metal. And although I have a few naturally shaped crystal wands, what I had always wanted was a beautiful wood wand. When Harry Potter came out by J.K. Rowling, there followed with it a fantastical assortment of wands on the market. Wands that really were formed from imagination. Beautiful wands. First they came out in plastic but then wood workers found they could sell simple wood wands quickly at faires and even online. And today there is a huge selection of wood wands.

But why wood? Today as the veil is ever thinning, it has come time once more for the Spirits of the Trees to be felt, loved and to communicate. There are some that feel a strong connection with a specific type of tree and others who generally have an affinity for all. For a Witch that needs to have a wood wand in their hand it is or can be a deep abiding friendship. It is two spirits coming together to perform magick. A Witch with a spiritual connection to their wand is no longer a single practicer but two spirits working together.

I know many witches who do not use a wand. They will tell me there is no need, “I have my fingers to point with.” And that is true. Fingers do point and fingers are incredibly “at hand.”   I am the first to believe no one should rely on ritual tools for magick. Magick comes from within. But I am astonished that these wonderful witches don’t get the level of trust and friendship and inspiration and even devotion a wood wand can bring into their practice of magick. And then I remember we all have our talents and knacks and I am an air sign and perhaps its an elemental thing.

My primary wand is kind and devoted,  loves meditation and healing and wants to be where the “action” is. She is just ornate enough to be beautiful without looking gaudy. She is (as I prefer my wands) a singular piece of wood, carved and sanded with love from her crafter. The crafter while shaping her had thoughts of Branwen.  For me after months and months of searching for my magick wand it was an instant connection. I have tried to honor my connection with her with my blog: Fields’ Wand Makers’ Gild. And let me just say that I truly enjoy my wand’s company and companionship.

Another wand in my possession that will be gifted to my husband is a naural green wood, heavy and masculine with a very sharp tip. He wants to help weld masculine divine energy. He wants to be used for protection work in any form. He wants you to be well grounded and focused and already know what you want to accomplish and then he wants to show off and show you how powerful he is. “Just give me the task.”

I know wand makers that are not witches nor believe that they are creating a magickal tool but make wonderful pieces full of magick and wonder. I know witches that believe they are making wonderful tools but would never use one themselves. The magick is the spirit of the wood and your personal magickal connection with them. If all you intend to use a wand for is to cast and open your sacred space then you would be best served to use your pointy finger. But if you want to work with a divine magickal spirit as a friend or companion then enjoy the process of finding eachother. Wands can be a found stick, a knitting needle, a drumstick, can be found online, on ETSY, on EBAY, at faires, can be created by professional woodworkers, crafters, yourself or mother nature. Once again enjoy the process of finding eachother and meeting a new friend.

That word “obey!”

I had a pair of Jehovah’s Witnesses come to my door yesterday. It was a little funny in that I had just been in sacred space at my altar. My altar was for the moment on my kitchen table, still all set out, when they rang my doorbell. It was morning but still very hot so I offered them some water or apple juice. They thanked me but declined. They let me know that the bible was to follow literally word for word and our only need is to obey. I told them I was a bit of a rule breaker myself so that might not be such a good fit. I was wondering if they were considering me rude for not inviting them into my home. But eventhough I would have really enjoyed seeing their reaction to what lay on my kitchen table, I thought it best to just offer something to drink on the porch.

Days later I am still thinking of the word “Obey.”  It is a word I hear a often these days. My brother and sister-in-law are forever telling their daughter to “Obey” them. I found that odd because my brother and I have the same two parents and I don’t ever remember hearing that word. I heard “respect.” I heard “Think for your self” I heard “if your friend jumped off a bridge would you?” Even in the military where obedience is necessary I heard, “you better not obey a wrongful order!” Why would anyone be taught blind obedience within the framework of American Society? I think my ancestors are rolling in their graves whenever my brother shouts it to his daughter “Obey!”  Which he and his wife do almost incessantly. I have a daughter the same age and one younger. It is not that I don’t get mad and yell at them but I yell “Respect” and to follow rule number #1. Which in our home means “Watch where you are going!” But “Obey!” No. I want them to think. Think of what is going on around them and to make wise decisions formulated from experience, honor, respect, to use their moral compass and if time permits research.

A Time Spell

ImageA Time Spell is deadly useful. To speed up help, slow down a precious moment. It almost never comes in the quantity we want, either too much or way too little. And time is one of our greatest mysteries. It is relative to many things, our age young or old, whether we are bored or busy. It can be fleeting, it can seem painfully prolonged. It has been described by scientist as both simultaneously sequential and non-sequential. So, I figure a witch with a stick and a good spell have a much chance as working time as not. But how to go about working with time? I came up with the spell last year around this time, witchy-season. For some reason walnuts came to mind. Walnuts and witches have a long and deep relationship that I will go into another blogpost. This time spell really helped me out:

What you need:

A Enclosed Space.

A Candle or if not safe to use, a strong personal herb that you have an affinity for (thyme, rosemary, rose, tobacco)

One Walnut halved with nut taken out. Wax or sticky paste added to shell lip

The particulars about this spell is that it works well for in a sealed space.  A room would work well:

Light a candle or if not safe to do so, place a favorite power herb (rosemary, tobacco, roses) by the closed door or “threshold” if working outside

With the door closed and the herb laid or candle lit by it announce the threshold/door “Sealed”

Set up Sacred Space

Hold two-half shell of a walnut up (one in each hand)

“This walnut holds all the time I need,  To complete this task I’ve set before me.”

Picture in your mind all the work which needs to be done. Picture either all of it shrinking to fit into the left walnut shell or the left walnut shell enlarging to fit all the work which needs to be done. Once you have that picture in your head repeat

“This walnut holds all the time I need, To complete this task I’ve set before me.”

Now picture the right walnut shell holding all the completed work. and repeat one more time,

“This walnut holds all the time I need. To complete this task I’ve set before me.”

Then close the shell, The shells should already have sticky wax/paste on the edges once it is stuck together – get to work!

It is best not to unseal the door. But if you must, take the sealed walnut with you.

When I did this spell last year I envisioned the walnut getting larger. I envisioned all my work inside the walnut. I envisioned myself inside the walnut like a walnut shell room. I got all my work done. And even more than that I got all my work, errands and extras done in the time I had to do them for a week. The spell only broke after I ran into another witch and utilized sacred space again. Anytime you are a witch and you work with walnut magick it is spellwork on a different level. Enjoy!