A Time Spell

ImageA Time Spell is deadly useful. To speed up help, slow down a precious moment. It almost never comes in the quantity we want, either too much or way too little. And time is one of our greatest mysteries. It is relative to many things, our age young or old, whether we are bored or busy. It can be fleeting, it can seem painfully prolonged. It has been described by scientist as both simultaneously sequential and non-sequential. So, I figure a witch with a stick and a good spell have a much chance as working time as not. But how to go about working with time? I came up with the spell last year around this time, witchy-season. For some reason walnuts came to mind. Walnuts and witches have a long and deep relationship that I will go into another blogpost. This time spell really helped me out:

What you need:

A Enclosed Space.

A Candle or if not safe to use, a strong personal herb that you have an affinity for (thyme, rosemary, rose, tobacco)

One Walnut halved with nut taken out. Wax or sticky paste added to shell lip

The particulars about this spell is that it works well for in a sealed space.  A room would work well:

Light a candle or if not safe to do so, place a favorite power herb (rosemary, tobacco, roses) by the closed door or “threshold” if working outside

With the door closed and the herb laid or candle lit by it announce the threshold/door “Sealed”

Set up Sacred Space

Hold two-half shell of a walnut up (one in each hand)

“This walnut holds all the time I need,  To complete this task I’ve set before me.”

Picture in your mind all the work which needs to be done. Picture either all of it shrinking to fit into the left walnut shell or the left walnut shell enlarging to fit all the work which needs to be done. Once you have that picture in your head repeat

“This walnut holds all the time I need, To complete this task I’ve set before me.”

Now picture the right walnut shell holding all the completed work. and repeat one more time,

“This walnut holds all the time I need. To complete this task I’ve set before me.”

Then close the shell, The shells should already have sticky wax/paste on the edges once it is stuck together – get to work!

It is best not to unseal the door. But if you must, take the sealed walnut with you.

When I did this spell last year I envisioned the walnut getting larger. I envisioned all my work inside the walnut. I envisioned myself inside the walnut like a walnut shell room. I got all my work done. And even more than that I got all my work, errands and extras done in the time I had to do them for a week. The spell only broke after I ran into another witch and utilized sacred space again. Anytime you are a witch and you work with walnut magick it is spellwork on a different level. Enjoy!


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