Using a Wand

In the 1980’s and 1990’s wands were typically used as natural tools to focus energy, light. Usually made from a combinations of stones and crystals. Sometimes welded together with silver or a common base metal. And although I have a few naturally shaped crystal wands, what I had always wanted was a beautiful wood wand. When Harry Potter came out by J.K. Rowling, there followed with it a fantastical assortment of wands on the market. Wands that really were formed from imagination. Beautiful wands. First they came out in plastic but then wood workers found they could sell simple wood wands quickly at faires and even online. And today there is a huge selection of wood wands.

But why wood? Today as the veil is ever thinning, it has come time once more for the Spirits of the Trees to be felt, loved and to communicate. There are some that feel a strong connection with a specific type of tree and others who generally have an affinity for all. For a Witch that needs to have a wood wand in their hand it is or can be a deep abiding friendship. It is two spirits coming together to perform magick. A Witch with a spiritual connection to their wand is no longer a single practicer but two spirits working together.

I know many witches who do not use a wand. They will tell me there is no need, “I have my fingers to point with.” And that is true. Fingers do point and fingers are incredibly “at hand.”   I am the first to believe no one should rely on ritual tools for magick. Magick comes from within. But I am astonished that these wonderful witches don’t get the level of trust and friendship and inspiration and even devotion a wood wand can bring into their practice of magick. And then I remember we all have our talents and knacks and I am an air sign and perhaps its an elemental thing.

My primary wand is kind and devoted,  loves meditation and healing and wants to be where the “action” is. She is just ornate enough to be beautiful without looking gaudy. She is (as I prefer my wands) a singular piece of wood, carved and sanded with love from her crafter. The crafter while shaping her had thoughts of Branwen.  For me after months and months of searching for my magick wand it was an instant connection. I have tried to honor my connection with her with my blog: Fields’ Wand Makers’ Gild. And let me just say that I truly enjoy my wand’s company and companionship.

Another wand in my possession that will be gifted to my husband is a naural green wood, heavy and masculine with a very sharp tip. He wants to help weld masculine divine energy. He wants to be used for protection work in any form. He wants you to be well grounded and focused and already know what you want to accomplish and then he wants to show off and show you how powerful he is. “Just give me the task.”

I know wand makers that are not witches nor believe that they are creating a magickal tool but make wonderful pieces full of magick and wonder. I know witches that believe they are making wonderful tools but would never use one themselves. The magick is the spirit of the wood and your personal magickal connection with them. If all you intend to use a wand for is to cast and open your sacred space then you would be best served to use your pointy finger. But if you want to work with a divine magickal spirit as a friend or companion then enjoy the process of finding eachother. Wands can be a found stick, a knitting needle, a drumstick, can be found online, on ETSY, on EBAY, at faires, can be created by professional woodworkers, crafters, yourself or mother nature. Once again enjoy the process of finding eachother and meeting a new friend.

4 thoughts on “Using a Wand

  1. this is quite a beautiful entry. I am not wiccan myself but have been wanting a wand for a while. it can provide a sense of pride and protection, and even used physically to defend yourself. wood or stone, they are all beautiful, and i cannot wait to find the perfect wand for me. i am catholic but would never frown upon this. even satanists are alright with me, as long as they don’t worship right in front of me, as it can be uncomfortable. this entry, like i have said, is very great. it explains that wands aren’t just tools or toys, they are friends. you can form friendships with anything you want but wands have spiritual powers, especially if yours is made from wood from a tree you grew yourself. this entry is amazing and really describes what wands are all about. it can open anyones eyes, so thank you for posting it.

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