Long before I knew I was a witch, I was just a girl dating and falling in love like everyone else. I did not get married until I was in my mid-thirties so I ended up dating and having more than a few relationships. My heart usuallyfound a safe man to nestle into. And although, I had my fair share of heartbreaks and such I never fell for anyone who I can say really did me wrong…except…”Mr. Jerk-Face-Pompus-Ass”.  At lease, I will call him that. I had just left a very grueling military program. A program that many people did not endure. I had lost my girly figure and much of what I prided my femininity on. But what I lost even more was my self-confidence. It was then, at my lowest point of self-esteem that I was wooed by “Mr. Jerk-Face-Pompus-Ass”.

As our military training was due to start back up, we were going to move in together. We had been together for months at this point. And even though there were many warning signs about his character including the very emotional aspect of it; I was able to ignore them all and looked forward to playing house with him. I had been apartment hunting and we were talking daily about what we could afford and how close to work we wanted to be. We had been apart for about three weeks. I was so excited to  have him with me again. And because he was scheduled to follow me out for the same military station/location that I was serving, it really could not be more convenient either. We were going to live together and study together while we went through the same program. How cool and fun that was going to be!

Finally the last night night before he was to leave to drive out came. Only I had not been able to get in touch with him the night before.  It was a big night out on the town with his brother and him and then he called. It the night before I had my first round of exams, and he dumped me.  In a spectacular fashion!  Not only did he find someone new, since the night before. Let me say that again, in the one day that I had last spoke with him. He met and replaced me with a new girlfriend. And even offered for me to “talk” with her if I had any questions. And now he and his wonderful new girlfriend, that was so much better than me, were driving out together and would set up home together. She was a airline steward and could jet set anywhere she wanted. And she wanted to be with him.

The next day a very emotional me, failed my tests.

I did get myself pulled back together but not easily. I was able to take a verbal make-up and passed. And then put myself back together slowly, and refocus.

And looking back now, years later, I know it was absolutely in my best interest not to have that relationship last.  In fact, had it lasted, I could have easily been swept up in his drama and have not made it through the rest of that rigorous program. But at the time you are living through such an emotional crisis you don’t see it that way at all. It was a very difficult time for me.

But where does the “Vengeance” come in? What horrible spell did I cast on him? As I said before, I did not know I was a witch at the time. But now that I have the awareness that I am, I must of uttered something or asked the Gods to “put things right”. Because very shortly afterward, he was forced out of the program on a very minor medical condition. The government forced him out due to allergies.   And what became of his relationship with his wonderful woman who he left me for? She ended up taking him for $20,000 dollars. That’s right, from the start of their relationship she had only one thing on her mind. She had set up her own credit card accounts under his name, and when she had racked it all in, she never saw to him again – at least to my knowledge. Oh, and also gave him an STD.

He was the only person to have really “wronged” me…funny thing that he is the only ex-boyfriend that was ever so “unlucky” too. All the ex-boyfriends that are still my friends have always had great “luck.” Enough so as to cause a witch to take pause and thank her Gods and her lucky stars! …..But in writing this blog I do now remember my prayer every night that I spoke as a child and as an adult. Until my early thirties. I stopped this prayer while in my thirties in thinking it was a bit too self-centrix. And so I have not said it since then. And have thought very little about it too. It was forgotten until just now. But now because of this reflection/blog, I will be starting it back up again. here is the prayer: Oh and when I did this prayer I never thought it as a mirroring/protection devise or spell. In fact I am at times very naive and I only thought it was to give my friends that loved me love back….Interesting… I only ever thought it as just nice prayer that made me feel good. It was an ancestral prayer.  This is not the exact wording but it is the best as I can remember:

“Please dear (name your ancestors here) that watch over me,

Please look after me and my family and those that love me and wish me well,

And those that think of me, please give them double what they wish for me,

Please look after (put in names here) and keep them safe,

Thank you, I miss you, good night”


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