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Verifying your Witchcraft

ImageSometimes being the social creatures we are we can forget the purpose of why we are a witch. We can get lost in the ritual of our path. Or lost in social etiquette. But our purpose is to create an outcome from our intent. Whether that request takes place in the kitchen and hearth, or coven under the moon or muttered quickly at work. We believe that with a focused mind, intent and belief, we can bring about our requested change in the universe.

So for Verifying your Witchcraft it’s simple. Does your witchcraft work? Do the spells you make, the affirmations, the request for abundance, protection, healing, or banishment work? If they do then take a moment to be grateful that you have a found a path which works for you. That you are able to transform your world and take on the responsibility for your personal actions.

If however your magick doesn’t work, then take a moment and try to discern when it does work for you. In a full coven? In solo with nature? Just Esbats? Just celebration days? Perhaps when you are happy?  Maybe it only happens when you are exercising and not with your coven. It is important as a witch to know when your spellwork will work for you.

So, One. Figure out when your witchcraft does work. Two. Then use it to your best advantage. If you are really good at one discipline, lets say protection. You can try to reframe your needs under the protection umbrella. Example, you are having a health concern but normally healing is not one of your strong suits. Then try to do healing through your strong suit of protection. “Protect this leg from any further harm, protect this body by making it strong.” And create a whole protection ritual around your leg.

Another example could be you are a fantastic healer but are horrible with abundance spellwork. then reframe your rituals or spell work for abundance into your healing mindset. Substitute how you would heal a broken leg or a sore back with “a broken piggy bank” or  “a torn wallet”, so money will not disappear or “fall out.”

And three. What you are not good at find people who are good in that discipline and learn how it works for them. It does not mean that it will work for you the same way.  But the more you learn, the more options you have to try. And have fun. Laughter can release a lot of great energy and joy can be a great reward all by itself.