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IMG_0036Well last year was my first year with the Pagan-Blog-Project and it was a wonderful experience. Both in the putting together a short article of important thought (or dribble) but in the reading of wonderful writers and sharers of the craft. I feel that I have grown and matured into my craft in many ways and much and more is because of this blog project. If you are sitting on the fence about whether to join or not please join in!

In the fall of 2011 I joined my first coven and activity sought out any information I could on Witchcraft, Wicca, Traditional Crafting, Shamanic Studies. I always had one foot in the spiritual but this was my first departure from Christian theology. And I was scared. It took a lot of personal strength for me to get around the word “Witch.” But since my first step out onto this path I have met wonderful witches. Wonderful people by any name but they choose the name witch because it is most fitting. And thank the stars for the internet and making this an easys and safe way to communicate and find out more about a subject and find online classes and meet ups and book recommendations.

I want to personally thank Raven, Rider and Luna my first coven mates. For a wonderful witchy crafting experience, that let me really know that I have a talent as well as a heart in this tradition.

GreenHeart Grove a wonderful group of witches with hearts as large as the ocean

The Spider Goddess, Mazedasastoat and Celticawaitch for their moral support!

And Elayne Lockhart for warm wisdom and lessons and befriending me.

But I guess I really have not said much about me. I am a mother of school aged children, I am the one people ask if I can pick-up their child or look after them, a school/classroom aid (usually). I volunteered in the Navy for 6 wonderful, adventurous years. And for my beliefs:  I absolutely believe I am able to connect into the universe to help heal others, to manifest and make real my prayers and hopes as they pertain to me and my. That I help unborn come into being and help the dead into the spirit land. That I have a rich animal totem of all animal forms and that any will come to my aid when in need. That all Totem sprits will leave you if you abuse your power/authority with them to injury others. That our thoughts as well as our deeds are recorded for our history.  That time is the greatest mystery. That magick is real and it is Gratitude coupled with intent blended with desire or M=G(i+d). And whether you want to call it luck, miracle, magick, effort or by anyother name it is r e a l. That Trees are awakening again. That each tree and plant have a spirit. I have a great love for Wood Wands. That there are the 3 Shamanic realms of upper world, lower world and middle world (See http://www.shamanicstudies.com). That………….

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This was interesting. I have been looking into journeying but have come across more worlds than three. I have Harner’s book but am stalled with his writing. Must forge ahead!

    I wish you a very happy new year!

    • Thank you Odeliaivy! Yes forge ahead! Yes, I think “worlds” is a way of categorizing. Before I studied Harner I did not have a “Mapping” skillset to know where I was when I journeyed. After taking his class I had a refer point, if it were. But inside those three worlds there are countless worlds and worlds within worlds. In my experience, I have found most witches work (and are called to work) in the middle world and rarely if never venture into the other two. It all kind of depends on your “entry” point. Please feel free to email me anytime you want a sounding board or a like minded person to talk too. phoebe fields@hotmail.com

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