Law of Attraction

“Count Your Blessings” Primative Sampler Pillow by Stitchcrafts on ETSY

One set of authors on this subject have made themselves a nice living writing books, creating oracle cards and doing workshops. From my understanding they state it is to “help” people understand what the “vortex” is and how to get within “it” so that you may also manifest in a similar way as they advertise. I have tried to read their books. But when I pick their book up I just get angry at the flood of “greed” energy coming from their books. I do not think the authors really intend to make manifesting easy for people but rather disguise it with nuance and innuendo. This veiled “Vortex” is making a simple concept confusing. The concept is “Gratitude” It is “Gratitude” that will immediately connect us to the great divine.

Yes, our age old charm of “Count Your Blessings” is one of our greatest.  For it is that instant, when you are in absolute bliss with this life, that you should most urgently state and visualize your want, desire and need. How is that for irony?

The best books on the subject, in my opinion, are “The Science of Getting Rich” By Wallace D. Wattles, and How to Ak for a Miracle by Jennifer Knoth. Neither can be called “pagan” but the both clearly outline the steps for manifestation. If you were born or raised Christian and have any “filters” or hangups that are causing difficulty in manifesting, I think that the “How to Ask for a Miracle” can be very helpful.


5 thoughts on “Law of Attraction

  1. I think i know some of the books that you mention (I worked in a big box retail book store, and I adopted the New Age section. Very few decks of tarot cards were stolen under my watch…)

    What I can say about them, and the other one by RB, is that they can be a good intro into the topic if you’ve never heard of it before. My husband introduced me to the Law of Attraction as he knew it via the movie; however, I had picked up the Law via my own reading. (Surprisingly, I gleaned it from Anton LaVey. He’s crazy, but there are some gems in his works!)

    • I think many of the people that write about law of attraction don’t actually know that they are in the state of “gratitude” when they are manifesting. So, instead they need to find some esoteric, wording to describe what they don’t know. And then you have some authors that know this is a popular subject and just get on the band-wagon, and they really have no personal understanding of attracion/manifestation at all.

      Thank you for sharing your frustration.

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