Blessing Cards

photo-18Blessing Cards. On the sunny July day, over 12 years ago, my bridal shower took place. And on that day my Auntie asked everyone that wanted to write out a blessing for my husband and I. She then gathered them together and tied them off with ribbon. I never forgot them but I never opened nor read them. Instead I saved them. I saved them for a day, away in the future when either my husband and I could read these blessings on our 20th anniversary or in a time of martial crisis.

The last two years of my marriage have been exceedingly difficult. We had trouble to forgive each other. Instead, we found it easier to exude dislike and unconcern than to praise and support eachother. We found it easier to find nasty words on our tongues than to offer charity. Both of us knowing the other had one foot out of the door.

Still the blessing cards sat. Unopened. Waiting.

And then these past two weeks we decided we must either forgive eachother and move forward together or we must each journey anew and go forward separately. But we must go forward.

We decided to go forward together. Anew. We went into a forest and found a doorway. Not just any doorway but a doorway inbetween two pine trees. The width just wide enough for one to pass or two to squeeze through sideways. We placed a blessing of casting herbs on the floor and knotted the ribbon from our blessing cards around our joined hands. And as the trees and our loving creator as our witnesses, we renewed our commitment. we then found a nice place to read the blessings of those which loved us. Some of whom were no longer alive. But there words, some of wisdom, some of hopes, all of love were there with us. In support of us.

I am very grateful to my aunt for her blessing card idea. It was a wonderful moment for us to read them. My husband and I look forward to reading them again on an anniversary. I was thinking that blessing cards would be a wonderful addition to any bridal shower but also to graduations or other great milestones.

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