Bewitched! Bewitched in some dictionaries is defined as “Being under the influence of witchcraft” or a synonym for “charmed.”

I am new to identifying myself as witch. And so, I do enjoy a good pondering on the subject…often. Anything from “Why do I consider myself a witch?” to “Who else in my family must be one?” to “Bewitched? What does that word mean to me.”

Last year, I would have stated that my witchcrafting talent was “protection.” Or perhaps the “art of protection.” But today, I would assert that I have no formidable talent in “protection” work at all. None. Instead I would say it is in “bewitching.” An my definition of “Bewitching” is to communicate or speak heart to heart with the spirit(s) of inanimate objects.

It is the spirit I seek to ask (politely) if they will watch over my home or car and children. It is the spirit of my doors and walls of my home or my car or a neighboring tree that I ask to help. It is not the common use of bewitched or charmed because I merely ask. I do not tell “it” or “them” to do anything. I do not invoke, summon nor command the spirits to do my bidding. Rather, acknowledge their existence, talents, beauty.  And I ask or request.  And I give thanks (but not often enough).

Usually, I speak very quietly in my head. And sometimes so quietly it is only in my heart. But, I speak. When leaving my car, I will ask it to be unnoticeable and unremarkable. When leaving my car, I will ask the car next to it to be bright and beautiful. And I will thank them in my heart for trying so nicely for me.

I thought that I had placed a “forgetful” spell on my home. So that, when a would be evil-doer comes along that they would “forget” to remember what they wanted to do. But I realize now, that I do not enchant my home nor cast spells around it; but I have been asking the spirits around my home to help. “Please distract anyone you know their intent to be evil. Please have them see something bright and shiny across the street. Please help keep my home safe from harm. Thank you” It is not me at all. It is solely the help of Spirit and spirits.

And so, my definition of Bewitched: to acknowledge and communicate with the spirits of the inanimate world in a heartfelt manner and to know that they listen.

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