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Direct Connect to Your Deity/Deities

IMG_0065Many of us are witches and as such are trying to understand how to better our connection to our deity/deities. Which generally includes bettering our talents; whether they lie in protecting, manifestation, healing. Or in other words, to push away, to bring to us or to take care of what we already possess. The best way to do this is to be connected in all four planes with your Deity/Deities. And allow the universe and your God(s)/Goddess(es) to assist.

We will do many things to to get this connection. Layer our consecrated space with oils, shatter herbs, do candle magick, prepare our bodies with ritual baths, set aside long hours for meditation, work a potion spell that needs an incubator time of a moon cycle or season.

This is all good. This is all for the better. But remember too that this universe was created for a child to perform magick as needed. A child would not be able to use oils, shatter herbs, light candles, sink into a ritual bath, nor cast complicated potions/spells.

What can a child do? How does a child can connect with their deity/deities? Through Gratitude. The fastest  and most direct way to connect with spirit will always be through Gratitude of being here. As in “Here” this time, this place, this body.  Once you are in a state of Gratitude then just ask for what you want. If you can not simply be grateful in that moment then count your blessings until you are in Gratitude. It is a child’s potent, power magick. It is a child’s simple, mindful magick. Magick.  Gratitude is the instant connection to your Deity/Deities.


Cup of Charmed Water


My Celtic Charmed Cup for Charmed Water

I really don’t know what the correct naming or wording should be for this cup of water. But I thought that “Charmed” was as good as anything else. Sometimes you find yourself in a place looking at what is clearly a charmed object. This object is endowed with more spirit, personality and a bit of intent then anything else around it. And such was the feeling of this little loving bowl I found in Scotland. It was (as I recall) in a castle store. Created in a factory but my understanding is that the gold celtic knot was hand painted. I have had this beautiful little bowl for almost half my life and it has very patiently waited for its purpose to unfold. And it has.


I have been taking some wonderful Traditional Witchcrafting classes from Elyane Lockhart, If you live anywhere in her neck of the woods I highly recommend them. And recently, we have been learning about oils. I always thought “yadda, yadda, yadda oils, aromatherapy, yadda, yadda.” But now I get it. I am really getting that flowers and plants can lend a deep and meaning purpose to your intent. Whether your intent is a healing spell, addition income, luck, etc.

And finally my loving bowl has its purpose. It is my charming potion bowl. It is the bowl I go to when I need to infuse water and oil and intent into healing. When my daughters have a complaint. I fill this bowl up with steeping hot water and then add essential oils. I go into my cupboard and feel around for the perfect mix of that will mend them and send them on their way. A little grapefruit and peppermint if they’re groggy and grouchy; a little pine and cedar if they feel a cold coming on; some eucalyptus when they are congested. In goes the hot water, in goes the scents, in goes the intent. Then a quick trip under their noses at the breakfast table while, I get their breakfast ready. The bowl is loving its job and responsibilities and I am loving the healing that is occurring.

I am really enjoying this new knowledge and find it very, very fun! May you have a blessed day!

Concealment/Invisible Charms

There is the odd case that my husband won’t be able to find things. Things like ketchup, the girl’s coat, the girl’s hair brush. Although, he can always find his keys. But it has become a running joke in our house. I will tell him e x a c t l y where the item in question is located. He will go there and be absolutely perplexed and not be ale to find it. Then I will go to the exact spot and retrieve the item. This happens almost every morning. He is busy and briskly and his temper is slightly elevated.

I was contemplating these happenings today. I had a nice long drive and I was working and sorting this out. I think when my husband can’t find something when he is all briskly those items are actually hiding from him. Items that either I or my daughter have put into the home or consider “ours.” I don’t think they want to be around that sudden burst of male energy. His energy that radiates: I have a quest and “it better be here when I look for it” attitude. I know my natural reflexes would be to hide from that type of energy. And if my signature is on these items I am willing to bet that that is exactly what they do, hide.

I know there are witches out there that can see energy. They can see the energy of where something should be or was or is hiding; see boundaries, spirits, thought forms. I am not one of those witches. That is a wonderful talent that I currently lack. But I can sense energy. I can feel the spirit of a book and speak to in from my heart. And I think when that happens there is a bit of imprinting going on as well.

Thoughts to consider the next time “something” goes missing. Would love to hear yours.