Concealment/Invisible Charms

There is the odd case that my husband won’t be able to find things. Things like ketchup, the girl’s coat, the girl’s hair brush. Although, he can always find his keys. But it has become a running joke in our house. I will tell him e x a c t l y where the item in question is located. He will go there and be absolutely perplexed and not be ale to find it. Then I will go to the exact spot and retrieve the item. This happens almost every morning. He is busy and briskly and his temper is slightly elevated.

I was contemplating these happenings today. I had a nice long drive and I was working and sorting this out. I think when my husband can’t find something when he is all briskly those items are actually hiding from him. Items that either I or my daughter have put into the home or consider “ours.” I don’t think they want to be around that sudden burst of male energy. His energy that radiates: I have a quest and “it better be here when I look for it” attitude. I know my natural reflexes would be to hide from that type of energy. And if my signature is on these items I am willing to bet that that is exactly what they do, hide.

I know there are witches out there that can see energy. They can see the energy of where something should be or was or is hiding; see boundaries, spirits, thought forms. I am not one of those witches. That is a wonderful talent that I currently lack. But I can sense energy. I can feel the spirit of a book and speak to in from my heart. And I think when that happens there is a bit of imprinting going on as well.

Thoughts to consider the next time “something” goes missing. Would love to hear yours.

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