Cup of Charmed Water


My Celtic Charmed Cup for Charmed Water

I really don’t know what the correct naming or wording should be for this cup of water. But I thought that “Charmed” was as good as anything else. Sometimes you find yourself in a place looking at what is clearly a charmed object. This object is endowed with more spirit, personality and a bit of intent then anything else around it. And such was the feeling of this little loving bowl I found in Scotland. It was (as I recall) in a castle store. Created in a factory but my understanding is that the gold celtic knot was hand painted. I have had this beautiful little bowl for almost half my life and it has very patiently waited for its purpose to unfold. And it has.


I have been taking some wonderful Traditional Witchcrafting classes from Elyane Lockhart, If you live anywhere in her neck of the woods I highly recommend them. And recently, we have been learning about oils. I always thought “yadda, yadda, yadda oils, aromatherapy, yadda, yadda.” But now I get it. I am really getting that flowers and plants can lend a deep and meaning purpose to your intent. Whether your intent is a healing spell, addition income, luck, etc.

And finally my loving bowl has its purpose. It is my charming potion bowl. It is the bowl I go to when I need to infuse water and oil and intent into healing. When my daughters have a complaint. I fill this bowl up with steeping hot water and then add essential oils. I go into my cupboard and feel around for the perfect mix of that will mend them and send them on their way. A little grapefruit and peppermint if they’re groggy and grouchy; a little pine and cedar if they feel a cold coming on; some eucalyptus when they are congested. In goes the hot water, in goes the scents, in goes the intent. Then a quick trip under their noses at the breakfast table while, I get their breakfast ready. The bowl is loving its job and responsibilities and I am loving the healing that is occurring.

I am really enjoying this new knowledge and find it very, very fun! May you have a blessed day!

2 thoughts on “Cup of Charmed Water

  1. I recently read an amazing book that delves deeply into working with plants as allies in healing. It is called “Plant Spirit Healings” by Pam Montgomery. I learned a lot from that book. Thanks for you post!

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