Direct Connect to Your Deity/Deities

IMG_0065Many of us are witches and as such are trying to understand how to better our connection to our deity/deities. Which generally includes bettering our talents; whether they lie in protecting, manifestation, healing. Or in other words, to push away, to bring to us or to take care of what we already possess. The best way to do this is to be connected in all four planes with your Deity/Deities. And allow the universe and your God(s)/Goddess(es) to assist.

We will do many things to to get this connection. Layer our consecrated space with oils, shatter herbs, do candle magick, prepare our bodies with ritual baths, set aside long hours for meditation, work a potion spell that needs an incubator time of a moon cycle or season.

This is all good. This is all for the better. But remember too that this universe was created for a child to perform magick as needed. A child would not be able to use oils, shatter herbs, light candles, sink into a ritual bath, nor cast complicated potions/spells.

What can a child do? How does a child can connect with their deity/deities? Through Gratitude. The fastest  and most direct way to connect with spirit will always be through Gratitude of being here. As in “Here” this time, this place, this body.  Once you are in a state of Gratitude then just ask for what you want. If you can not simply be grateful in that moment then count your blessings until you are in Gratitude. It is a child’s potent, power magick. It is a child’s simple, mindful magick. Magick.  Gratitude is the instant connection to your Deity/Deities.

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