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Got up this morning to hear a whole lot of bickering and arguing.

It was Mama and Papa Swallow arguing with their adult child as to who would get to have the nest. So, I went out their and told them twice (why not three times? should have…) “Only one nest is allowed. Please do not build a second nest (here).” After all it is over my entryway.

To be sure, I am very happy that their children made it to adulthood and came to let us know of their winter survival. That is very wonderful indeed! It is only that I do not want my house to be solely distinguished for the amount of white bird poop on the side on the house. And feel that if there is two can twelve be far behind?

So, I said one more time, “only one house,” and then put up a feather from another bird and a raccoon hair to see if that would do it.  If they do build the second house, there is nothing to be done until fall when they leave. They are migratory birds and get the ride of way.

It is quite amazing how well used the one bird house has been. Last year when Mr. and Mrs. Swallow came home, there were songbirds nesting in their nest. And the swallows had to wait their turn until the songbird babies were grown and flown. And this year, we have already had a family of sparrows nest and hatch and flown.

I guess my favorite is to hear the birds and to understand, not the dialect or word choice, but their intent. To know when they will be coming. To hear their excitement, to see their children grown. Later to hear their encouragement to their hatchlings. 



As if

They had a calendar of their own

My swallows came flying home

Beltane’s Full Moon is shining bright

Calling the end to Spring

And Greeting Summer’s first flight

They landed home today at 5pm April 25th

I waited knowing, for I am a Witch

Or a Druid

Or just a wee small child

That talks to the Moon and Laughs with the Sky

Who waited with glee

To watch in wonder

My Swallows flying home

For our same roof we are under

Guardians of the home part IV: Fish in a fishbowl


Many people would take a pause to think of their fish as an actual guardian in their home. Really what are they going to do attack an intruder? Will the intruder turn and run in fear? Will they make such a commotion with their fins that the neighbor will wake to see what the matter is?

Well, yes! no and no. But lets start at the beginning and the magick that is involved with fish in a fish bowl. If you have a bowl and fill it half or 3/4 full of water the rest of the bowl contains air. If you put aquarium dirt and a plant you then have earth. When you have a fish in there you are adding fire. So, already without doing anything else you have the four magickal elements in one small container. It has become (in the hands of a witch) a magickal tool.

I will tell you that I have not fully delved into this magick. But my belief is that it is an easy access to vortexes. What I do know is that such fish bowls clear the air of negativity such a way like sage smudging or incense burning. The movement of the fish through the water, the exchange of air and carbon dioxide all act as an energy exchange.

Additionally, you can add crystals or metal rocks into the bowl that you have programmed for specific magick. A note here, adding a metal piece will add the fifth element in Fung Shui.

What about cats?! You might ask? Not speaking for every cat but my two cats are young and one is especially mischievous. They do love to drink the fish bowl water! But after 8 months of having 5 fish bowls in the house none have been injured by my cats. In fact, the male guppies swim right up to their mouth when the cats drink. I have seen my cat have to spit out the guppies. The other fish have the sense to stay away from their mouths! Also, the plants do give the fish a place to hide and be unseen when they want to be invisible.

The fish I like to add are the ones that do not need a filter. I keep the house warm enough that the fish don’t freeze but if that is a concern in your home then a $0.19 goldfish just might be prefect. The other good fish, in my experience have been, miniature guppies which are only about a 1/2 inch long. Guppies cost about  $0.99 to $3.00. And Betta fish are the most elegant of creatures. They can cost anywhere from $4.00 to $40.00 depending on breed, breeder and store. All of these fish are fresh water, air breathing fish. They can all surface for air and will also enjoy eating the occasional insect that swims in.

Goldfish can live to be 20 years old and never stop growing. They are smart and can be gold or white or black or red. They come in many, many breeds and cost will vary depending on breed. They are the messiest, most hardy, best cold water, and longest living of the three types of fish I have listed. Goldfish are said to bring in prosperity and positive energy. Always growing, “gold” in name and contain a wisdom about them are some of their spiritual properties.

The Guppies are in constant motion, smallest brain and live for about 2 years. With these guys you can have several in your bowl (while if you have a goldfish or a betta you should only have one). If you have males and females they will breed and deliver live babies. but they also will eat their young. The guppies are found in different sizes but they are all small. Some are more fancy then others and some are more hardy. The spirit of the guppy is their embracement of life and living it. Not stopping or slowing at an impasse, they will quickly find away to move over, around or under it. They work together yet have a feisty and competitive spirit.

The Bettas will actually sit on the bottom of the bowl and take in many visual cues. They sometimes try to eat flies they see sitting outside their bowl. They have a big enough brian to have a personality of their own. The males, when happy blow bubbles into a fancy bubble net. Those of you that enjoy bubble magick might be very drawn to such creatures. They do not live long about 2 years but are incredibly graceful. The males are warrior spirit  attack fish and will seek to destroy any other fish they view as competition (this would include fancy guppies or other males bettas). This spirit can easily be persuaded to guard the emotional bodies in your home if not spiritual ones as well.

I also like to include a snail for clean up work. They have great large snails like the mystery snail. and smaller snails that come with almost any purchased water plant. The fish seem to enjoy their company even the bettas. But the bettas take the most notice of them, it can be fun to watch. If you really like the idea of a magick fish bowl but really don’t want the fish snails would be good. They are made to clean and cleanse their space and will help provide a grounded calm space/room. My only suggestion would be to stick your finger in the water and give it 11, 22, or 33 whirls around every so often to get movement.

So, yes the fishbowl fish will attack an intruder especially if it is a mosquito which all these fish eat. But they can work in conjunction with you to attack negative entities and emotions which would elsewise “sit” around. Any stones which you use can be taken out and recharged by the full moon. These bowls are meditative, beautiful, magickal tools whose magick could lead anywhere.

The fish bowl pictured at the top of the page is my favorite one in the house. It sits on the coffee table and gives a feeling that you are over looking a pond. All other photos are not mine and have been linked to their original website or my best effort.