Got up this morning to hear a whole lot of bickering and arguing.

It was Mama and Papa Swallow arguing with their adult child as to who would get to have the nest. So, I went out their and told them twice (why not three times? should have…) “Only one nest is allowed. Please do not build a second nest (here).” After all it is over my entryway.

To be sure, I am very happy that their children made it to adulthood and came to let us know of their winter survival. That is very wonderful indeed! It is only that I do not want my house to be solely distinguished for the amount of white bird poop on the side on the house. And feel that if there is two can twelve be far behind?

So, I said one more time, “only one house,” and then put up a feather from another bird and a raccoon hair to see if that would do it.  If they do build the second house, there is nothing to be done until fall when they leave. They are migratory birds and get the ride of way.

It is quite amazing how well used the one bird house has been. Last year when Mr. and Mrs. Swallow came home, there were songbirds nesting in their nest. And the swallows had to wait their turn until the songbird babies were grown and flown. And this year, we have already had a family of sparrows nest and hatch and flown.

I guess my favorite is to hear the birds and to understand, not the dialect or word choice, but their intent. To know when they will be coming. To hear their excitement, to see their children grown. Later to hear their encouragement to their hatchlings. 


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