Insight of Stork



A couple of years ago I took my first Shamanic core training class of Michael Harner’s.  It was very helpful to me and basically gave me a map and compass for places I was already journeying. Since taking the class (actually taught by Susan Mokelke) it has been very easy for me to communicate, at least visually with loved ones’ power animal.


In class, it was pressed upon me, that if one’s power animal was sickly then in order to have the person heal, the power animal must be healed first. If the power animal would not heal then a journey should be made to attain a strong, healthy power animal. It was often thought that if the power animal died so to would the person who belonged to that power animal.


I have kept this piece of information to heart. When I come across a loved one unwell, I ask to see their power animal. If it looks strong and healthy, I do nothing more. If it looks in need of a healing, I then offer a healing to my loved one.

Recently though, I had a friend that was fighting several cancers. The cancer was extensive but only newly found. Treatment was optimistic. And she continued to work without complaint. She worked as an elementary school specialist and helped children get the extra resources they needed. When I asked to see her power animal, I saw a very healthy, if not glowingly stork.


At first, I was a little taken aback, because I still associate stocks with bringers of babies. But when I thought about it, I thought that the stork is also inline with communication and calm. My friend worked with younger children, where communication was her strength and she could use a calming presence for all the treatments she was enduring.  So, at second thought this was a great fit!


So, the stork was very healthy indeed! My sense was that this stork was a newly arrived power animal to aid her in her fight. And even though, the stork was very healthy, I still gave my friend a healing to help her as I could.


But my friend did not win her battle with cancer. She passed very quickly, within two months.

It was then that I realized the magnificent stork was not there to hep her heal, but to give her comfort and help her to leave this world. And that if a power animal helps to escort souls coming into this world, it could certainly be called to help escort those leaving. Inwhich case, the power animal would look very healthy and not sickly. Because it is their to do its job, help guide their person’s spirit into the next world. So, in the future when the power animal looks very strong and your patient or loved one looks weak and unwell, ask yourself what is the roll and job of this power animal? Or better yet, ask the power animal. Is it generally known to be a psychopomp? or a healer?


A total side note here:

A second power animal that is also a psychopomp is the Bobcat. Known for working with midwives, nurses and pediatric doctors, the Bobcat is an escorting Spirit worker of babies coming into the physical. If you are in the line of work of physically helping babies arrive into this world, then calling on the Bobcat can be helpful, especially in tricky situations.

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