The Song of a Soul’s Journey

GetAttachment.aspxI had a wonderful vacation with my husband. For the first time in nine years it was just the two of us, alone, for more than two nights. In fact, it was for a whole week. A whole week in my favorite place in the world, Hapuna Beach, Big Island. I am writing this post to remember a dream I had one night. It was about the Song of a Soul.

The Song of a Soul

It is the most beautiful thing its Soul can hear.

It is not through words alone.

Pictures, words, music, magick so I guess I would call it a musickal song.

Tracing back the red thread of a soul’s life to its creation.

A song so enticing and so entrancing that to hear it, would create such home sickness and longing that its soul would leave immediately to go back.

Think about your most trying of times here. In this existence. For me it would be a military boot camp experience. In order to move on, to do the things in life I wanted to do I had to graduate. But if there had been a door in my room where I could smell my mother’s cooking and hear the sounds of my family’s laughter. There would have been no way for me to endure my trials at boot camp without opening the door and going back home. To have that door to familiarity so close, the sounds and smells so close at hand – it would have proven too much. I would not have succeeded in graduating. I would have turned my back on boot camp. I would not have gotten to do the wonderful things in my life that I did because of those trials. I am happier for it.

And this song is that. It is the Song to be Sung at the end of one’s journey here. A Song of Remembrance, of Homecoming, of Family, of Aloha.

A rose in bloom. Or an orchid.  Alone it is a wonderful flower. Beautiful. Ripe in its scent. Longing and calling to bees and everyone one else. And one life, like one flower is a unique and wondrous thing. But at this wonderful Soul’s life, like a flower added to a beautiful lei, the many beautiful lives of your soul. The many flowers strung and cared for, caressed and nurtured and woven into a beautiful soul’s experience. It is breathtaking in its uniqueness.  In its singularity, rarity, scent and beauty. And to place this into a song…


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