Making your own Spiritual Tradition


When I started this journey of Shamanism and Witchcraft, I thought the difficult part was behind me. The finial understanding of what I was, a spirit worker that journeyed into the otherworld and a witch that craft intent into being. On second thought that definition might be a bit esoteric. So let me say it like this: I am a witch and I pursue advice from Spirits in the Spirit World. Like I said, I thought that was the difficult part, coming to terms with being one of those people. I thought the next part would be far easier, learning a witchcraft tradition.

I thought I would find and join a coven and learn through initiation or through adoption into their tradition. I found a few covens. Wonderful covens that offered Wicca 101 classes, that were long established, that did good things for their communities. But then I found out I was not Wiccan. I looked into other groups. And I found I was not a reconstructionalist  (one who is in a religion that is trying to recreate it as best as possible (Celtic, Druid, Heathenry, Asatru). I really enjoy working with people. I really wanted to be part of a group.

But slowly, I learned that I was not suppose to walk any previous path. I was suppose to forge my own. One for me and my family. My guides have been very vague in regard to what this Family Tradition should be about. My only clear picture my guides have given me is a mental image of me leading my family into the forrest from a meadow. It is sunny and there is no trail before us. And that is it. And it plays in my head everytime I think of  investigating a group. It plays in my head when I just think of Shamanism or Witchcraft or Wicca or Celtic or……..

It has been a difficult thing to throw away all preconceived notions of religion. I thought for my witchcraft religion it would be simply a matter of learning from others and assimilating into their existing religion. But I am not to do that. I am to lead my children on a very particular path. Reconsider every aspect of ceremony, what our holy days will be, who we will worship, who is a personal guide and who is apart of Our Tradition’s Pantheon. Will everything be fixed from one year to the next? Does everything change with the seasons? What are we to call ourselves? Will the Gods and Goddess that speak to me speak to my children? Are they just my personal Pantheon or our family’s? It seems for every answer there are ever more unanswered ones.

I have a long way to go. It has taken me a long time to understand this. If any of you have done this work for your family, I would love to hear from you.

10 thoughts on “Making your own Spiritual Tradition

  1. Seems very similar to what my Coven is trying to do; we began our path as Gardnerian Wiccans, but a group of Gods began to contact us and had other ideas. In fact my whole PBP this year is exploring this system. It’s not a FamTrad exactly (except for one Goddess who is very much in favor of babies), but it is building something from thre ground up with only information direct from the Divine to base it on.

  2. This could be written by me. When pressed, I describe myself as a First Generation FamTrad Witch. I am running it within my family, I am the first generation. I hope that my children will follow but that is entirely up to them. While I did spend time learning the traditions of an established Blue Star Wicca coven, when I hived off 15 years ago I knew it was time to leave behind the trappings of that tradition that did not work for me, and pull in the things that did work.

    • Nanlt,
      Being from a hereditary path and who teaches others to create their own family paths, I love your phrase “First Generation FamTrad Witch.” Blessing to you and your family.

  3. I concur, this sounds a bit like my journey..i tried very hard to be happy in the wicca circles (met some really wonderful people but it just didn’t fit) before I found my call and now I am on a solitary path, of my own, walking my hedge and keeping company with the trees.. I think it was supposed to be and I just spent too long ignoring the voices but now I am in my own and much happier for it.

    • Thank you Nanit and Michelle. It is nice to hear from others and not feel so “solo”. I like the description of First Generation FamTradWitch. I wish us all good luck and blessings as we forge our way.

  4. I never really tried to fit myself into a preexisting religion or tradition. But the whole blazing a trail for yourself thing, I can really relate to. My partner and I are crafting our own tradition from our experiences with various deities and spirits. It can be hard sometimes, but very worth it!

  5. It’s really nice to feel like I’m not the only one making my way through the religious undergrowth, even if we’re not necessarily headed in the same direction. Thanks for posting this.

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