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Protecting Your Sacred Gifts (throwing pearls at swines)

ImageSometimes very rich wonderful thoughts, feelings, beliefs come to us. One which we hold dearer and closer than most tangible things in our lives. Sometimes we have shared these beliefs or thoughts with a close one or a friend only to watch our most beloved gift become unraveled until the beautiful gift is nothing more then twine.

When left with the twine or remnants of our gift we then choose; do we repair it and hold on to it making it even more dear and precious or do we discard it?

I learned a very valuable gift once on this subject. Along time ago, I had a thought come into my head. The next time I see (we will call him Jake) tell him “this” (and a short message followed). Normally this would not be of much notice we all have thoughts to share with our brother or mother that come popping in. However, this was “Jake”! “Jake” is a famous celebrity. Young and single, hansome, weathy. He very infrequently went to my church and lived in my town. But I had never run into “Jake.” So, this little message popping into my head about “Oh and next time you see Jake tell him…..” stuck out.  And of course I did a little questioning of my sanity, but everything seemed in order -great a message for “Jake.”

This message giving was not something I looked forward to doing. But it was something I looked forward to not having to carry around with me anymore. The days and weeks and months passed. I thought I would run into him at a video store or in line somewhere with a bunch of friends – give my speal, be embarrassed and run for the wind.  But that never happened.  At the time, my best friend was a very beautiful girl that was also a sensitive. She was the kind of beautiful that men stopped to stare. She had an amazing load of confidence that comes with being ultra striking and desired.  Two years had passed since that message “popped” into my head. We two were sitting at table in a sushi restaurant and talking. I told her how I had had a dream last night about “Jake.” and the message I was suppose to give him again. Then she told me the most awful thing…she told me that the message was for her to confirm her message from spirit that she was to be with him. So, after 2 years of carrying this message around it was for her? And thank you very much? I knew she was stealing from me – taking something of value and transferring it to her.  I didn’t really know how to respond when I looked away. When I looked away I saw the sushi bar. I saw the back of “Jake’s” head and knew it was him (never saw him in person before but of course I would know the back of his head at 20 feet)! Went up to him and sure enough it was him. After 2 years gave him the message. He was alone and we talked for about 15 minutes and then I went back and finished my meal. He later thanked me after he finished his meal and said that he really thought about it. That was also the beginning of the end of my friendship with my “bestie.”

That meeting gave me a lifelong gift of claiming my sacred gifts. Other people will want to take your gifts from you for various reasons. Most gifts of spirit should be challenged or looked at weighed carefully. I am not saying that one should accept gifts from spirit blindly. But in the end, only you can decide what is true for you. What is sacred and precious and worth your protection.