Altering Your Path

IMG_14672013 was a difficult and trying year.

If I could compare it to a hike I would say it was a short vertical climb, very rocky and filled with peril. Many of the rocks and pitfalls would be labeled as dogma. Various dogma’s of society but especially religious dogma. I set out on this path of pagan exploration three years ago. Having no idea of where I stood except seemingly out on a limb. I recommend to those starting out on this path of exploration to give yourself a lot of latitude. Follow your instincts, but be prepared for those instincts to change. Change because the nature of your relationship with your Goddesses and Gods or Spirit Guides and Elements will change as you listen better. Be kind to yourself and give yourself both time to grow and learn and forgiveness if your path happens to have dead ends or lead you back to where you started.

My legs are stronger having gone through the difficult and rocky ascent. They are firm and ready to accept the consequences of my beliefs. And the view is getting better all the time!


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