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Multipurpose Prosperity Enchantment

MoneyspellIt is often that we want for a certain thing. A certain man (or woman), a certain job position, a specific raise, money to cover a specific need. We cast our spells accordingly and (hopefully) get the wanted results.

This spell enchantment I am giving you is not for a specific anything. It is the call for a golden gift from your Gods’ to you. Their choice.

With this enchantment they are not limited to your requests for $500.00 they can give much more. They are not limited to your request for that job that you think you want but a job know they know will be much more.

Multipurpose Prosperity Enchantment

1. Be at home (not in the garden, not on your balcony, but inside your home). If you live in an apartment or your someone else’s house do this in an area that is yours; your room, your chair, even if it means standing on your Ouija board. Do this in a place you call yours that is inside your home.


2. Do not have any requests, prayers, needs in mind.

3. Think only of all your family members being happy. Family in this case can mean all those that are close to you. 

4. See your self as being happy and joyful

5. Dance.

6. While your are dancing “see” gold falling from the heavens and turning into gold coins. Picture them falling into your “hearth” space. Again – it might be your livingroom, your kitchen, your own rug.

7. Laugh. Joyfully laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, gold falling from your ceiling into your hearth!

7. Continue to visualize your happy joyful family, your happy joyful self, all while this golden loot is falling down on you from the heavens.

8. Perform this Enchantment whenever; waxing moon, waning moon, circle cast, no circle cast,

9. Perform it with just you or with friends and family members.

There are so many gifts our Divine want to bestow upon us and many times we feel we can only ask for what we really need. This is a way to not be greedy or selfish but to allow your gods to give you what they think you need most. Picturing everyone being happy as this gift is given helps to know that this will be a joyful gift and not one of lessons. The gold falling from the sky is their gift. Golden light allows them to shape the gift as they choose. And laughing at this ridiculousness helps to lift our own limitations and filters we set upon ourselves.

I have had amazing results from this enchantment. My wish is that you do too.