General Manifestation Spell

Time Spell

Protection Spell

Verifying Your Witchcraft



Guardians of the home part one: stones

Guardians of the home part two: plants with thorns

Guardians of the home part three: dogs

Guardians of the home part four: fish in a bowl

When A Spirit Guide Goes Too Far

Books Recommendations

Herb Book/Herb Crafting Book

Journal Book of Shadows volume 1

Journal Book of Shadows volume 2

Manifestation* Great, book for manifestation crafting especially if you grew up Christian/Catholic



Erasing Parental Mistakes Ritual

Bath Ritual (Preteen to Adult)



Using a Wand

Wand Website: Fields Wand Makers’ Gild


Witness/Participant at a Crow Funeral


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One thought on “Magick

  1. Hi, my name is Don Carlson and I am a stop motion animator and author looking for information about wax used in candlemaking (which is also used in the formulation of modeling clay). There is something very magical about spells and I thought that maybe there was an intersection somewhere between what I do and what you do. Also, I’ve heard about there being witchcraft in Forrest Grove and I’ve always beend drawn to the occult. Had some good experiences with a witch I met in Seattle. I was also brought up Christian (Well, Catholic). The religion is very drab and kind of spooky. Magick seems more interesting, anyway. I would especially love to know if you had any experience with stearic acid!


    Don C.

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